Tencel Kalle Shirtdress


Hi! I am on a major Closet Case Patterns bender right now. I just finished two Kelly Anoraks, two pairs of Carolyn pajama pants/shorts, I’m working on some Ginger jeans, and now I’m here to share my newest Kalle Shirtdress. I love my first Kalle, which I made in tunic length for the sample that is in the Indiesew pattern shop. I was really eager to make the dress version and I jumped on this Tencel twill when I saw it in the Indiesew shop.

The Tencel twill was part of the Fall/Winter Collection and it is currently sold out. (There is a pretty watermelon Tencel available now, though.) I was so excited when it came in the mail– it’s got such a nice weight and heavy drape. I knew it was going to make a lovely Kalle dress.

Before I started I was feeling a little bit nervous about sewing the collar in the Tencel. So far all of the collars I’ve sewn have been in stable cotton fabrics and nothing so drapey. It turned out that I had no reason to be worried. The Tencel didn’t shift around and my collar turned out very nicely.

I made the same size as my Kalle tunic, a 10 graded to a 14 at the hips. I lengthened the dress by 2″ when I was cutting, but then after I tried it on during construction I decided to shorten it 1.25″. I shortened from the center front and back tapering to nothing at the highest point of the curve at the side seams. That curve hits pretty high on the leg and I’m glad I made mine lower.

I waffled back and forth about trying out the new Kalle sleeve expansion that Closet Case Patterns recently released. The sleeves would make the dress wearable on its own in the colder months of the year, but I decided that if I added them that I probably wouldn’t get much wear out of this dress when it’s warmer. As it is now, I can layer it with a sweater or my Hampton jean jacket and pair it with boots. (And probably tights, soon! It was 30 degrees when we took these pictures and I was freezing without the jacket!)

The drape of this Tencel and the volume of the Kalle are just perfect for each other! This dress feels so luxurious because of the amazing fabric. I love feeling all of the Tencel swish around me when I move. This is sort of a different silhouette for me but I really love it. I am looking forward to trying the shorter version of the Kalle soon and I think I’ll probably try out those new sleeves on another Kalle tunic this winter.

What was your last pattern obsession? Have you tried the Kalle Shirtdress?


p.s. The fabric for this dress was provided by Indiesew since I am part of their blogger team. All opinions are my own.



17 thoughts on “Tencel Kalle Shirtdress

  1. Stunning! I’m a Closet Case fan too and have also just sewed up two Kalle shirts in a row. Such a fantastic pattern! I haven’t worn such a boxy silhouette before but it’s so comfortable. Also handy for covering a third baby bump! Thanks for all your inspiration Teri. I’ve been a passive follower of yours and I always enjoy seeing your latest makes. I must ask though, are you like me and stay up way too late sewing when all your kids are sleeping? Elizabeth


    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I wish this pattern had been around when I was pregnant with my third! I was still working full time when I was pregnant the first two times and I didn’t do any maternity sewing. I didn’t do a whole lot when I was pregnant with my daughter, since I knew she was going to be the last baby. This dress would have been one of those perfect things that would have worked for pregnancy and beyond! I actually really don’t do much sewing when my kids are asleep at night. My two oldest are in school all day and a few days a week my daughter spends some time with the grandparents. I usually use that time to catch up on housework or sew. I can usually squeeze in a little bit of sewing time after dinner and before the bedtime process starts. By the time the kids are asleep I’m usually too fried to sew much of anything!


    1. Thanks, Masha! I am definitely looking forward to being able to wear this with sandals in the summer. I hope it will look OK with tights since it’s mostly too cold for bare legs and boots already!


    1. Thanks, Inder! This fabric is just so dreamy! I really want to make everything out of tencel from no on. I am really most excited about wearing this dress in the Summer, but I think I’ll be able to wear it with my jean jacket or Blackwood cardigan until sandal weather rolls around again.


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