Morgan Shorts and Striped Lark Tee


Hi! It’s taken me a while, but I’m finally posting this outfit I made to wear on the 4th of July. I almost didn’t do a blog post about this outfit because I’ve talked about both of these patterns already. I think this is my 10th Lark tee and this is the third time I’ve made the Morgan jeans pattern. But I used some really great fabrics and I definitely wanted to talk about them!

This is the second time that I’ve made the Morgan jeans from stretch denim. My first pair are small in the waist so they only get worn occasionally. I made these shorts the same size as my first pair, a size 12 graded to a 14. (That is a size down from my measurements to account for the stretch in the fabric.) I was very careful to double-check the waistband before I sewed it on so that these didn’t end up too small in the waist. The waistband piece is cut longer than necessary in the pattern to make fitting adjustments easy. I used some of the extra length and ended up with shorts that fit perfectly in the waist. Hooray!


These are a little snug in the legs, which I didn’t think was a problem on my full-length pair of stretch Morgans. I wish I would have widened the legs slightly when I was cutting, but I didn’t realize they were snug until I basted them together for my initial fit check. I used a smaller seam allowance for the thighs, which helped somewhat. If I make another pair of shorts from this pattern in the future I will be sure to adjust the legs (especially the back leg piece) to give myself some more room and get rid of some of those draglines.

This was my first time using Cone Mills S-gene denim. (I have used non-stretch Cone Mills denim twice before, here and here.) I can completely see why people rave about this denim. I can wear these shorts for days on end and they don’t bag out… which actually works against me since the back of the leg could benefit from bagging out a little bit, ha, ha. The 9.5 oz is a great lightweight and they are so nice and stretchy. These shorts are very comfortable! I have a few more lengths of S-gene denim in my stash and I am excited to give the skinny leg Ginger mid-rise jeans a try this fall.

I used gray topstitching thread on the outside and red serger thread on the inside of these shorts. I used some scraps of Liberty fabric for the pocket bags. I love the insides as much as the outsides! I did my usual bartacks instead of rivets and used red thread for the bartacks. I just love the tiny pops of color that the bartacks give, even if no one but me sees them.


This Lark tee is my go-to combination of the scoop neck and a sleeve hem I created that is sort of a merger of the cap sleeve and short sleeve. I curved the hem on the short sleeve pattern piece a little (using the cap sleeve piece as a guide) so that it isn’t totally straight across my arm. I used this amazing Tencel jersey from LaMercerie, which I managed to catch on sale earlier in the year. It is soooo soft! I have enough leftover that I can make a long-sleeved tee to wear this fall and winter. I would like to wear this shirt every day because the fabric is so nice!

It feels like it’s getting to be time to start working on some Fall sewing projects, but I’ve got a few more Summer items to photograph and post about. I got a new camera (my first DSLR!) and I barely know how to use it. I’m hoping my husband and I can figure it out and get some photos taken later in the week. Wish us luck!



6 thoughts on “Morgan Shorts and Striped Lark Tee

  1. It’s a great outfit! I’m glad to hear that the S-gene denim is as great as everyone says because I got some for Mother’s Day and am planning to sew it up this fall!


    1. Thanks, Masha! I can’t wait to see the jeans you make with your S-gene denim! I have 2 lengths of dark indigo and one that is supposed to be black but it’s sort of a faded looking black, I think. I am excited to make some skinny jeans with them this fall.


  2. The shorts look awesome! I hadn’t worn jean shorts in ages until i rediscovered a pair that i made a couple yrs ago and wore them all summer. Will have to tweak the fit to make another pair next year! Love the striped tee, i’m sure it was perfect for the fourth!


    1. I remember when you made those, Lisa! I wore mine a lot this summer and I was so glad I took the time to make them. I may try to do a looser, more boyfriend fit next summer. I bet I would wear that style a bunch, too.


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