Flint Shorts

This past weekend, when I was procrastinating sewing something that involves clear elastic (which is my worst sewing skill ever) I decided to try out Megan Nielsen’s Flint pattern. I had some fabric left over from my Burnside Bibs and thought that I could use it to make a wearable muslin of the Flint shorts. I had sewn this pattern once before when I made the sample of the trousers that is in the Indiesew shop. The sample is made from a gorgeous rust colored tencel and as soon as Allie listed it in the shop I ordered some for myself so that I could make my own pair just like the sample.

Flint shorts 9

The Flint trouser pattern has no ease at the waist so I was a little unsure what size to make. (I like to have some room in the waist for cake eating!) My waist is a size M but my hips are between a L and XL. I decided to cut a L graded to an XL and figured I could take them in if they were too big.

Flint shorts 4

As I said when I posted about my Bibs, this Brussels Washer linen is pretty prone to stretching. In hindsight, it was probably the least effective fabric I could use for my muslin. When I tried these on prior to attaching the waistband the shorts were really big in the waist and pretty loose in the hips. I ended up deepening the back darts, taking in the front and back center seams, and using a larger seam allowance for the side seams. It felt like I took in at least 2″ or more through the waist (but of course I didn’t really keep any track of what I was doing.)

Flint shorts 7

When I went to attach the waistband I expected it to be too long, but it fit perfectly, even after all of my adjustments. The waistband is interfaced so may have been the only piece that didn’t get stretched.  I’m totally not sure if my pants pieces had gotten stretched out and I was just adjusting them back to normal… or if I cut the waistband wrong? I have no idea what happened other than the fact that I ended up with a pair of shorts that fits me perfectly. Woo!

Flint shorts 1

I am always fearful of higher waisted pants since I pretty much always wear things that are low rise. These hit me right at my belly button and they feel good, but will probably take a little getting used to. I am wearing them here with my Biscayne Blouse and I love how it looks tucked into these shorts. This is fancier than my normal day to day wear but I could definitely pair them with a t-shirt and wear them more casually.

Flint shorts 2

Like all of the other Megan Nielsen patterns I’ve made, this pattern comes together beautifully. It’s a pretty quick sew since there is no zipper or fly. The pants open up through the left pocket and either have a button top closure or a side tie. I lengthened my shorts 3″ and I also eliminated the release tucks on the front pieces. I used this tutorial on Megan Nielsen’s blog and it was a really easy modification.

Flint shorts 6

Since these shorts were pretty inconclusive about sizing I think I’m going to have to make another muslin of this pattern before I start on my tencel trousers. I am so excited about wearing them so that will be high on my list of things to sew in August.  In the mean time I’ll be enjoying wearing these shorts and feeling fancy in them!

Flint shorts 5

The Flint trousers pattern is available in the Indiesew shop and I recommend it highly!





5 thoughts on “Flint Shorts

  1. These look awesome! I’ve been obsessing over the Flint pattern lately, I really want to sew up a pair. So glad you posted these, as a fellow pear I hesitate with wide leg pants, but these are perfect.


  2. It’s good to hear that I’m not the only one who avoids the clear elastic gathering technique. I bought the gathering foot for my Bernina in the hopes I could avoid it forever. Pattern is quite flattering…I may need to give this a go!


  3. Wow, they really do fit perfectly! Especially that back view – no wrinkles or drag lines. I love linen but it’s hard to wear sometimes when it grows so much through the day. Your shorts look very crisp, though.


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