Wonderland Rayon Trevi Top

Hi! I know it’s a little early but I think I’ve achieved my perfect Summer outfit! After I made my first Trevi tank I was really excited to try the pattern again in rayon. I wanted to use a fabric with more drape to highlight the swingy shape of the pattern.

Wonderland Trevi Top 1

Wonderland Trevi Top 3

This is my third and final collaboration with Grace from Maker Mountain Fabrics. Grace got quite a few new fabrics in this month so I had a really hard time deciding which to use for my project. There were some new Art Gallery Knits and new Nani Iro double gauzes. In the end I could not resist the pull of this gorgeous Rifle Paper Co Wonderland rayon fabric. I love working with Cotton + Steel rayons. They are really good quality and aren’t super shifty like some other rayons.

Wonderland Trevi Top 4

Wonderland Trevi Top 5

My first version of the Hey June Trevi top was a size 8 graded to a 12. It is completely wearable but I was wondering if it might be a little more comfortable if I had a bit more room through the upper bust. I went up to a size 10 graded to a 14 for maximum swing.

Wonderland Trevi Top 6

When I first tried it on after I finished I was worried it might be a little bit too big. Then I washed it and it came out of the dryer looking substantially smaller. I ironed it before I freaked out too much and when I tried it on after washing it fit fine, but it’s not a whole lot looser than my first one. I think that the recommended care instructions for this fabric is to dry clean but I’ve washed and dried my other Cotton + Steel rayons with no issues. I think it might be a good idea to do a double wash and dry with these rayons to make sure that they get all of their shrinking done before they are made into garments. (I do this with denim, too. I wash it a bunch of times before I make it into anything because it seems like denim just keeps shrinking and shrinking.)

Wonderland Trevi Top 7

Anyway, I am super relieved that my top fits and I love it! The insides are beautifully finished with french seams, which makes me super happy. This floral is so pretty and I know that making it into a breezy summer tank means that it will get worn a lot. I love it paired with white shorts. I think it would also be really cute with some ankle length slim black pants– I need to add those to my sewing list!

Wonderland Trevi Top 9

I used some really fun buttons from Arrow Mountain on the back of this top. I am not sure that this particular style actually suits this floral fabric but I was really excited to use them so I went for it. I can always switch them out at some point if I find a better use for these.

Wonderland Trevi Top 8

The Trevi top is a new favorite and I definitely want to give the dress a try soon. (I finally got a bra with convertible straps. Crossing them in the back works perfectly for these cutaway shoulders!) Big thanks to Grace from Maker Mountain for supplying me with this beautiful fabric!







16 thoughts on “Wonderland Rayon Trevi Top

  1. Lovely yet again! I just LOVE this pattern, but I’m a’feard of PDFs due to logistical problems. (About how many pattern pages are there for the top?) I’ve been looking at this fabric in navy, but the black is great too!


    1. Thanks, Lodi! I really don’t give PDFs a second thought anymore– I’m so used to printing, cutting, assembling. But it can be a big pain when you’ve got a pattern with loads of pages. This one isn’t too big for the top– I think it was about 16 (maybe 20?) pages. I made a dress from the navy version of this fabric… I definitely have a thing for these florals!


  2. You could always wash and hang dry… No dry clean but less shrinkage potential! Oh, but looks like it fits well! Buttons are cool but kind of get lost in the print which is a bummer since they deserve to be noticed, I’d use them with a darker solid.


    1. I think that’s a great idea to hang dry from now on. I don’t want to take a chance on it getting too small! I agree about the buttons. I may swap them out down the line.


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