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Baby Doll Basket


I can hardly believe it but my baby girl has turned 2! When I first had Caroline I thought I was going to be sewing for her all the time. I made her some things during her first year, but at some point I got too wrapped up in sewing for myself and stopped sewing for her. When it started getting close to her birthday I decided it was high time I made her some things.

Doll in basket 3

Caroline got a few baby dolls for Christmas so I thought it would be really fun to make her the Baby Doll Basket from Made Everyday. It’s such a cute pattern and I love that it’s a great showcase for really fun fabrics. Grace from Maker Mountain Fabrics, who is one of my Instagram friends, contacted me about providing fabric from her shop for a sewing project of my choice. I knew I’d be able to find some great fabrics for the doll basket in her shop. It turned out to be a real challenge narrowing it down but I love the fabrics I picked.

Doll in basket 2

I went with two fabrics from Cotton + Steel and one from Art Gallery Fabrics. First I picked Prickles, which is an adorable hedgehog print. I matched it up with Stardust Metallic, a gray with metallic polka dotted fabric. I wanted a bright, contrasting fabric to use for the binding and I settled on these cute birds on the bright turquoise Beachcomber Tide fabric. The fabrics ended up working so well together! I love the neutral fabrics paired with the fun bright binding.

Doll in basket

I think most of Caroline’s dolls would have fit in the small sized basket, but I decided to make the medium so that it would still work as she gets bigger dolls. There was quite a bit of prep work before the actual sewing. I had to cut the outer fabric, the lining, the interfacing, and the batting. The pattern calls for high-loft batting, which helps give the basket structure. My basket ended up a little floppy and I’m not sure if my batting wasn’t as high loft as it was supposed to be. If I make this again I might do a double layer of interfacing to help it stand up on it’s own a little more than this one does. It’s not a big deal that it’s floppy, though, because Caroline has already tried to get in the basket herself numerous times. I think it’s going to be taking some abuse so it would probably end up floppy anyway!

Caroline and basket 3

The bias binding was really the most difficult part of this project. It was hard to wrangle the curved parts of the basket around the machine. I was really wishing I had about 100 wonder clips because I got poked and scraped by pins quite a bit during that process. I ended up swapping out my pins for the metal clips I use for quilt binding. That worked pretty well and I didn’t get scratched as much during the sewing process.

Doll basket inside

I used the hedgehog fabric for the lining and to make the mattress and pillow that go inside the basket. This is such a cute little touch in the pattern! If I make this again, I think I will use deeper seam allowances on the lining so that it fits a little better inside the basket. It’s a little loose and I think it would be nice if it was a little smaller.

Doll quilt

Quilt back

I had some leftover fabric and I decided to make a mini quilt to match the doll bed. I have had the Fancy Fox quilt pattern for a while and I’d never used it. It was sooooo fun to make that little fox face! I used almost all of my scraps piecing the front and back of the quilt, which was very satisfying. I also couldn’t resist using the fun, bright green selvage in the front of the quilt. Cotton + Steel has the best selvages!


I also made Caroline a Waterfall Raglan (cutest shirt for her toddler belly!) and some Playtime Leggings (why haven’t I made these before? They are SO. QUICK.) for her birthday outfit. Here she is wearing her new outfit and posing with the Doll Basket. (I was really having a hard time finding good light for these pictures so I took them all over the place at our house. These photos of her are so cute but the lighting wasn’t great. I knew I’d never be able to get her to stand still again, though, so this is the best I could do.)

Caroline and basket 2-2

Caroline and basket

Thank you so much to Maker Mountain Fabrics for supplying the fabric for Caroline’s Doll Basket! I loved sewing with these beautiful fabrics. Grace has a great collection of quilting and garment fabrics in her shop– be sure to check it out!












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