Panama Tee


I’ve been waiting so long to talk about this t-shirt! I was a pattern tester for the Panama Tee from Alina Design Co back in early November and I made this blue and white striped tee. I loved the fit and decided to make another one right away. It then took me about 2.5 months before I got any pictures of the second shirt! I wear both of these so often that I have no idea why it took so long to get photos… other than it’s Winter, we were sick for almost a month, my hair wasn’t clean, etc, etc, etc.

Panama Tee 1

Panama Tee 2

Now that I’ve finally gotten photos of both of my tees I can tell you about this great pattern. The Panama Tee has options for t-shirt length, a knee length dress, and a maxi dress. There are various sleeve lengths included in the pattern and Alina has tutorials on her blog for how to change up the neckline if you want something other than the crew neck.

Panama Tee 4

Panama Tee 5

My first tee is made from a rayon/spandex jersey knit that I bought from the Indiesew shop. This fabric is nice and stretchy and has great recovery. I made a muslin before I cut into my good fabric and discovered I needed a few adjustments. I cut a size 10 graded to a 14 at the hips. I did a forward shoulder adjustment of 5/8″ and a 3/8″ swayback adjustment since I got a bit of pooling in my lower back. This tee has a wider shoulder than my other go-to t-shirt pattern, the Lark tee. I felt like the shoulders were a smidge too wide for me so I did a 1/4″ narrow shoulder adjustment. I also narrowed the sleeves a little from mid biceps to the sleeve hem. Alina designed this pattern so that the upper arm is fitted and the lower arm is looser. My preference was to have the lower sleeve a little less roomy.

Panama Tee 10

Panama Tee 7

I know it sounds like a bunch of adjustments, but I always do a forward shoulder adjustment and the others were pretty quick and easy. It was worth it to me to make the adjustments, even on a basic t-shirt, to get the best fit I could. I found on my second version, which is made from an Art Gallery Fabrics cotton/spandex jersey, that I could probably use a full biceps adjustment. That fabric doesn’t have as much stretch so the upper arms are a little bit snug. I may have to play around with narrowing the lower sleeve again if I do the full biceps adjustment, since it will add some width to the rest of the sleeve, too.

Panama Tee 9

Panama Tee 8

I am really excited to try out the dress versions soon. I have a tie dye looking rayon jersey in my stash that will be perfect for the maxi dress! But for now while it’s still cold I am planning at least one more long sleeved tee to wear on it’s own and layered under sweaters.






9 thoughts on “Panama Tee

  1. I love these, Teri!! Thanks for being such a sweet tester. I really appreciate you! I am going to save that sway back adjustment video link, too–so, so helpful. I have a Pinterest board of adjustment references that I can easily shoot over to people when they ask questions, so let me know if you have any other favorites. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Alina! That swayback video was one of the best I’ve seen. I had no idea there were multiple ways of going about it! I’ll definitely let you know if I come across any other great fitting resources. I need to check out your pin board– how handy to have everything together in one spot!


  2. I love these Teri!! It’s such a great pattern! I have the 3 I made during testing in constant rotation and I really need to make more!


    1. Thanks, Heather! I love the tees you made during testing–especially the one with the elbow patches. Have you made the dress yet? I bought fabric for it but just haven’t had the time to start it. There’s always so much to sew and not quite enough time to do it all!


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