Lonetree Vest


I am excited to show off my new Lonetree Vest today! The Lonetree jacket and vest is the first pattern released by Allie Olson, the co-founder of Indiesew. It is a utility jacket or vest with a collar, drawstring, and an optional hood.

Lonetree Vest 2

Lonetree Vest 3

I was a tester for the pattern and this vest is my tester version. I initially wanted to make the jacket but I had to change course when the fabric and zipper I ordered from two different places ended up not matching each other. I wasn’t really sure how much use I would get from a vest but I had a length of fabric and a zipper that was a reasonable match so that’s where I started.

Lonetree Vest 4

Lonetree Vest 6

I cut between a size M and L for the upper part of the vest, graded it to the L at the waist, then to between the L and XL at the hips. (My bust is approximately 36.5″ and hips are 42″.) I think the fit ended up being pretty perfect. I did make a change to the armscye since the initial tester version was too high for me. I used this vest as my inspiration when I reshaped the armscye. The Lonetree vest pattern has the armscyes finished with a facing but I ended up finishing mine with bias tape. I was concerned that my changes would result in the topstitching from the facing overlapping the pocket. (Allie made changes to the final pattern and the armscye was lowered during testing.)

Lonetree Vest 7

I love all of the pockets on the front of the vest. I used topstitching thread and I love how it looks on my twill fabric. I opted to put two snaps on each of the lower pockets on the vest, which I really like. I think if I revisit this pattern I would like to make the bottom pockets just a bit bigger. I realized after the fact that my cell phone is a little too tall to go into the pockets.

Lonetree vest 8

I want to get some cord locks to go on the drawstring eventually. I might even replace the drawstring if I can find some twill tape that is the right color. I ordered this cord because it looked like the color would match perfectly but I didn’t think about the fact that it’s made from jute, which is pretty stiff. I am hoping it will soften up somewhat with washing and wearing.

Lonetree Vest 9

Despite thinking I didn’t have much use for a vest I have worn this constantly since I made it. It’s got a lot of great details that make it look really professional. The pattern went together really well and the instructions are very detailed. I love how it looks with jeans and a t-shirt and I think it will also look cute over dresses in the spring/summer. There is a ton of styling inspiration on Pinterest and I feel just a little bit cooler now that I have a fancy cargo vest. (Of course, looking at all of that inspiration makes me think I need one of these in army green. And a jacket. ASAP.)









7 thoughts on “Lonetree Vest

  1. It’s fabulous, and yes, the fit is spot on! I also LOVED your Liberty Alder shirt. That pattern is lurking in my cabinet waiting for some Liberty! (I also drool over The Clever Tinker’s Liberty Alder dress. Both Alders are ah worthy!)


  2. Finally catching up on my blog reading – this looks fabulous Teri! So professional! And in that colour, I bet you’ll where it tons. It will go with everything!! I love it!


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