Liberty Alder Shirt


So, I took these pictures 2 weeks ago when it was still Summer and I didn’t get a chance to write a blog post about this top until now. It feels seasonally inappropriate at this point because Fall has arrived and it is definitely long sleeved shirt weather. But this is one of the most fun things I sewed all summer (and I have no other finished projects on deck) so here is my blog post about my new sleeveless top.

Liberty Alder 2

Liberty Alder 7

This is the Grainline Studios Alder shirtdress shortened about 9″ to shirt length. I made the dress version of this 2 summers ago and wore it a few times but ever since I had Caroline I haven’t worn it at all. It feels too tight through the upper bust, which makes me so sad because I really loved the fabric I used. I had made a size 8 graded to a 12 for that dress, and this time I went up to a 10 graded to a 12. The fit is much better on this shirt.

Liberty Alder 3

Liberty Alder 4

I also did a 5/8″ forward shoulder adjustment on this top, which I hadn’t done before. I haven’t done it on any of the Archer button ups that I’ve made either, but I think I will on my next one. The yoke comes forward on the shoulders a bit, which I think disguised the fact that I really did need a forward shoulder adjustment.

Liberty Alder 6

The fabric I used is a Liberty lawn that I have had in my stash for at least a year. It is really, really pink and the scale of the print is smaller than I expected it to be from the pictures I had seen online. I had a hard time deciding what to use it for, but I think it turned out to be perfect for this bum ruffle Alder shirt.

Liberty Alder 9

I spent some time trying pattern matching the pockets but when it came time to sew them on one of them did not match up at all. I honestly have no idea what I did. I only had the tiniest scraps left over so I couldn’t try to re-cut the mismatched pocket. Instead I switched them around so neither one matches.  This fabric is so busy that I don’t think it really matters– it’s kind of hard to see that there are pockets at all.

Liberty Alder 8

Even though this is a pretty summery shirt I think I’ll still wear it layered with a cardigan through the Fall. Making this top has made me wonder about how I would like the bum ruffle version of the Archer shirt. I haven’t really given that view much thought before but I may give it a whirl this Fall or Winter.





19 thoughts on “Liberty Alder Shirt

  1. Teri this is absolutely beautiful. It looks like it fits perfectly and it is really flattering. There must be ruffled Alder shirts out there in blog world but I had only seen the dress version. Love this! It will be perfect with jeans and a cardigan this fall. You must be so happy with how it turned out! And you are right-the pockets blend right in. Go you! 😊


    1. I love your shirt. I want this blouse to be my summer uniform for next summer . Maybe 10 of them lol. I can dream. Thanks for the tip on the forward shoulder adjustment. I almost always do this. Lovely blouse!


    2. Thank you so much, Julie! I think the first time I saw the ruffled shirt was on the Fancy Tiger blog and I’d been wanting to make one ever since. I love the work that goes into shirt making and I hadn’t made a proper button up shirt for a while. I am really thrilled with how it turned out!

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    1. Thanks, Lisa! I am so glad I decided to use this fabric for this top. I love the mix of the plaid print with the button front style shirt. I know I will be wearing it layered a bunch this fall.


    1. Thank you so much! I am so happy with my new shirt– I only wish I would have made it earlier in the summer so I could have gotten more warm weather wear from it. Sleeveless tops are great for layering, though!


    1. Thanks, Kirsten! I want to make another dress version but with Fall and Winter coming up here I know I will wear this a lot more than a dress. It will be perfect with jeans and layered with a cardigan. I was kind of bummed about the pockets until I saw these photos and realized the pockets are super hard to see anyway. Now I am perfectly happy with them!


  2. I would definitely wear this year round Teri – it’s gorgeous! And it fits you perfectly!! I love that fabric, and I don’t think anyone will every notice that the pockets are matched perfectly. I definitely wouldn’t have. 😉


    1. Thanks, Heather! I am so happy with how it turned out and how much better the fit is from my first one. I am sure no one will give the pockets a second thought and I like them they way they are. It turned out to be a happy accident!


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