Brumby Skirt and Hunter Tank


Hi there! I have been working on finishing my Summer sewing the last few weeks and I’m ready to get going on sewing for Fall. I have a couple of Summer items that I want to get posted on the blog and I’ve got two of them to show off today. The first is a new Brumby skirt. This skirt was refashioned from a different skirt I’d made a few years ago. I loved the skirt and wore it a lot but it was really not flattering! It was just two big rectangles that I’d pleated at the top, finished with an elastic waist,  and lined with white muslin. I put it on one day during Me Made May, took a picture of myself in it to post on Instagram, and then promptly changed my clothes after I saw the picture. I figured there was more than enough fabric to make it into something else and I decided on the Brumby since it has a straight hem that would work with the border print. (Please excuse the weirdness of these photos. It looks like my camera has something on the inside of the lens and there is a weird white blob thing next to me in these photos because of it. Ugh.)

Sailboat Brumby 2

Sailboat Brumby 3

Sailboat Brumby 7

I promtly set about unpicking and cutting off seams to rework the fabric. I wanted to underline the skirt with something lighter weight than muslin so I ordered a very lightweight white voile fabric that turned out to be perfect. I got a little stumped on what to do with the back of the skirt since the Brumby has a back seam and the instructions for installing the exposed zip are built around the back seam. I have a sailboat placed right at the center back of the skirt and I didn’t want to cut it in half and mostly lose it when I sewed the back seam. I ended up setting it aside from May to August and worked on a bunch of other projects. One of those projects was the Wedgwood skirt, which has an exposed zip and no center back seam. I realized I could use the instructions from that pattern to do the zip on this sailboat skirt and it ended up being the perfect solution. I still have my sailboat and I have a fun exposed zip, too!

Sailboat Brumby 8

Sailboat Brumby 4

Sailboat Brumby 5

This is my third Brumby and I made it the same size XL as my first two. I wish that I would have cut the waistband maybe a half size smaller than I did so that it would sit up a little bit higher on my waist. I ended up taking in the waistband seams during construction since it was pretty loose initially. I love the wide, curved waistband on this pattern. It is a lot more flattering than its previous incarnation. I love the bright red zipper in the back and, as always, the giant pockets are so much fun! I wish I would have gotten this made earlier in the Summer so I could have worn it more but I know I will wear it a lot next Spring and Summer.

Hunter Tank 1

Hunter Tank 2

I also recently made a Hunter Tank from Jennifer Lauren Vintage Patterns. (I sewed up the sample for the Indiesew shop.) I loved this when it was released and really wanted to make one, even though the cropped silhouette is sort of out of my comfort zone. I made a muslin of this top and I found I needed quite a few fitting adjustments. I did a small bust adjustment since the pattern is drafted for a C cup. I did a forward shoulder adjustment and had to dart out some gaping at the back of the armscyes. I also had to increase the curve at the top of the center back seam since I was getting some gaping at the center back neckline.

Hunter Tank 3

Hunter Tank 5

I raised the bust darts, too, but once I finished the top and tried it on they were too high. I am not sure what happened between muslin and final garment, but next time I will move the bust darts back to where they were. Thankfully the bust darts are pretty invisible in this busy fabric. There is a cute, tiny pocket on the top, which turned out to be pretty invisible, too, sadly. I think it would show up a lot better on a solid fabric.

Hunter Tank 4

I think in the end I made this top a size too small. I think the looseness of the front piece before the small bust adjustment threw me off and I didn’t realize that I should have gone up a size to get more room in the back of the top. It fits very closely and I would be more comfortable having more ease through the back of the tank. Next time I might lengthen the top a half inch or so and lengthen the front center seam so that I am not showing skin above the tie front.

Hunter Tank 6

Hunter Tank 7

I realized once I made this that I really have nothing in my wardrobe with a high enough waist to coordinate with this top. I think this would be so cute with a high-waisted, full skirt. I think I will revisit the pattern next Spring and try to get the fit a little bit better and then make a new skirt to go with it!

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14 thoughts on “Brumby Skirt and Hunter Tank

  1. Oh, that skirt is so nice. I love all your Brumbys. I wasn’t too into the pattern when it was released because I felt like all that fabric wouldn’t be very flattering, but the wide waistband really does make it flattering, and I love the exposed zip.


    1. Thanks, Masha! That’s what I thought initially about this pattern but I’m so glad I gave it a shot. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I do. I think the red zip is my favorite part of this one!


    1. Thanks, Lisa! I felt like the black fabric might not be such a great match for this rose print fabric but then I went and took pictures with black shorts. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense! I think I will try it on with that skirt after all.


  2. Two super makes, it’s very satisfying to take a make that’s not quite right and give it a new lease of life, the skirt is lovely and hunter looks fab too

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The Brumby is so flattering with that contoured waistband. It’s on my list to make again this fall, I got some black rayon for a very swishy and practical autumn midi-skirt! Go you, figuring out the exposed zipper without a back seam!


    1. Thanks, Kirsten! They were both fun to make even if the tank wasn’t a total success. I’ve got it on my mental list for next Spring and I’m thinking it would look great with a Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt.


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