Odgen Cami and Emerson Crop Pants

Pants and Cami 4

Hi! I’m here today to show off my latest creations, the Ogden Cami and Emerson Crop Pants from True Bias!

Pants and Cami 2

I tested both of these patterns before the release and these are the tester versions. There have been some small changes to the patterns in the final versions. The Emerson pattern comes in the cropped length and there is an option for shorts. As soon as I saw the pattern I was really excited about the cropped length. I haven’t gotten on the full-on culottes train yet and I felt like these pants, with their wide, full legs, would be sort of an intro to culottes for me.  I chose a chambray for my pants so that the legs would have some structure and I am really happy with the final result.

Pants and Cami 1

The pants have a flat front and elastic back waistband (I managed to get no pictures of this detail) with two sewn down pleats at the top of each leg. I am usually a bit wary of pleats but I wanted to try these pants because I loved the leg shape. I was pleasantly surprised that I don’t get a bunch of crotch pouf when I walk which I often get from pleated pants. I think having them stitched down may be what helps combat that.

Pants and Cami 3

My measurements put me in a size 12 graded to a 14, which is what I made. I lengthened the pants by 2″ since I am taller than the model these were drafted for. I am getting a little bit of pulling in the front innermost pleat/upper leg area. I also have some under bum/back leg pulling, which you can see in the photo above. Even a wide leg style like this is no match for my thighs and bum! Kelli lengthened the crotch on the final pattern, which I think will help solve those issues for me. I will probably make a quick shorts length muslin before I cut out another pair of these again. I love the swishiness of the full legs and I’m thinking about a pair in a linen rayon blend or some rayon challis.

Cami 1

The Ogden cami is a quick sew that really takes very little fabric. I sewed it from some leftover cotton lawn that I used to line this dress. I love that the cami is finished with a partial lining. It’s a nice detail for sheer fabrics and could easily be lengthened to a full lining for more opacity.

Cami 2

I forgot to lengthen the cami so it’s a touch shorter than I would like. Kelli did add some length to the final pattern but I would probably still add an inch or so to the bottom hem. I was dreading turning the straps right side out after making them but I remembered this video on Instagram which worked like a charm. I had both straps turned out in under a minute. Hooray!

Cami 3

It’s got a great shape– loose but not too loose, low neck and back but not too low (and this is coming from someone who generally likes to be pretty covered up. It’s amazing what a string of 95 degree days will do for your sartorial choices.) I think it will be great layered with a cardigan when we get back to cooler temperatures, too.

Cami 4

I am quite pleased with these two tester makes and I’m excited to try out the final patterns to see if I can make the small fit improvements I need. Are you guys on board with the full leg cropped pants silhouette? Dare I try a real pair of culottes now?






12 thoughts on “Odgen Cami and Emerson Crop Pants

  1. Such a cute outfit! I think you’re right that stitching down the pleats eliminate a lot of problems that typically come with the pleats (or anyway, I found this when I stitched down pleats on some, but not all, of the pairs of SImplicity 1887s I made this summer). The cami is really lovely on you. I love the style but no way those straps are hiding my bra straps (and no way can I go without one), so this is a style I’ll be admiring from afar.


    1. Thanks, Masha! I am wearing a strapless bra with the cami, which is not my favorite thing but I would never go without a bra, either. I have seen a few people wearing their Ogden camis with a regular bra and I think it looks fine. I haven’t tried it yet but I am not opposed to visible bra straps in the name of comfort!


  2. These both look awesome! After seeing both yours and Meg’s crop pants version, I really really want to try them. I may just copy your chambray version! I was leary of the pleats too, but they do seem to really work. Such great patterns!


    1. Thanks, Heather! I think you’d like the crop pants and you can’t go wrong with chambray! I would like to try out the shorts version before summer ends– both of your pairs look really nice on you. And I’m super jealous of your skull seersucker!


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