My Summer Uniform // Parkside Shorts and Lark Tees

Mint and Navy 2

Hi Everyone! How is your Summer going? (Or your Winter if you are in the opposite hemisphere?) I had all these grand sewing plans but I didn’t really consider how difficult it would be to get sewing projects done with the kids out of school and Caroline having an epic struggle to take a decent nap every day. Since my sewing time has been limited I’ve been enjoying some quick and easy projects– mostly consisting of making all the Parkside Shorts and Lark Tees.

Mint and Navy 3

After my first pair of Parkside shorts I wanted to see if I could improve on the fit a little bit. I decided they were just generally too big so I went down a half size, cutting between the size L and XL. My hips actually fall into the size L measurements but there isn’t a huge amount of ease through the hips (although the leg is really roomy) so I played it safe. I’m happy with how these turned out but, just for kicks, I might try going down to the large when I make my next pair.

Mint and Navy 1

I lowered the rise on these, as well, in hopes that I would reduce the poofing at the crotch when I walk. I took the whole thing down by half an inch and then an extra half an inch at the center front. I did this by cutting a line perpendicular to the grainline about 3″ down from the top, overlapping the pattern pieces, and then truing up the edges. I almost just took it off the top but I think I would have had to adjust the waistband length and I wanted to change the minimum of pattern pieces.

Mint and Navy 4

There is one other change I would recommend if you don’t want to stitch your pockets to the front leg piece. I made the pocket half an inch wider (basically just added seam allowance to the inner side of the pocket lining and pocket edge) so that it’s a little easier to sew around the pocket and leave them loose in the inside.

This pair of Parkside shorts used to be this Staple dress, which never really got worn. The quilting cotton just wasn’t right for the dress pattern but I couldn’t bear to part with these anchors. I was able to cut everything except the pocket lining and waistband from the dress. I lined the pockets with some chambray scraps and had some extra anchors in my stash that I used for the waistband.

Mint and Navy 5

I’ve been wearing my green Lark tee so much and couldn’t wait to make a new one to go with my anchor shorts. This is my first version of the Lark tee with a scoop neck. I love this neckline! I used the hybrid short sleeve/cap sleeve pattern piece that I used here and I like how it curves up a little bit at the edge but it still longer than the cap sleeve. This fabric is a mint cotton/lycra spandex from Art Gallery Fabrics. I am super into this color and I love how it looks with navy.

Print and Chambray 2

My next Lark tee was a bit of an accident. I bought this fabric last Summer with plans to make an Inari tee but never got to it. After I loved the mint scoopneck tee so much I started cutting another one with this print. Stupidly I didn’t bother to check if I had enough fabric. Guess what?! I didn’t. It was going to be a one sleeved shirt unless I came up with a different plan.

Print and Chambray 4

I decided to do some color blocking with solid navy jersey. I butted up the shoulder seam lines and created a panel that went an inch and a half or so to the front and back of where the shoulder seam would have been. I shortened the front and back pieces (being sure to remember seam allowance!) and then sewed the panel to both the front and back pieces, then sewed the sleeves on normally. My mistake turned out much better than if I had done the whole shirt in the print. I love the contrast at the shoulder and sleeves! It’s a really busy print and I think it really helps to have it broken up a bit.

Print and Chambray 1

This pair of Parkside shorts is made from some Kaufman chambray. I’ve been wanting a pair of chambray shorts for a while and I’m happy to finally have them in my wardrobe.

White and Rayon 2

My last pair of Parkside shorts is made from a Cotton + Steel rayon that I bought last Summer when I was on the quest for the perfect pair of rayon jogger shorts. This was my first time working with the Cotton + Steel rayon and it is so wonderful. I wish that the fabric was wider than just 44″/45″ but otherwise it’s really amazing and I’d totally recommend it if you haven’t used it before.

White and Rayon 3

I made up another basic white Lark tee to wear with these shorts (and everything else I own). It’s another scoop neck, this time with cap sleeves. I have some more of the white jersey and I want to make another Lark with it. I can’t decide if I should make a boat neck or try out the v-neck. I haven’t ever sewn a v-neck so that one seems a little scary but I think I should be able to manage it.

White and Rayon 5

I’ll be wearing all of these pieces on repeat this Summer. They are great for hot days and definitely fulfill my need for simple summer sewing. Thanks for reading!







23 thoughts on “My Summer Uniform // Parkside Shorts and Lark Tees

      1. You and Masha are super inspiring me with your summer staples sewing! I feel like you’re both on fire when it comes to selfish sewing, whereas I am laggggggggging. Shorts and tees are the bomb!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. These are great! I especially love the rayon shorts and what a great save with the color blocking on the top. So cute. I have the park side pattern and I just have to find time to make some shorts. I love your versions. You have definitely inspired me.


    1. Thanks, Kirsten! I can’t wait to see what you decide to do with the rayon fabric. It’s such a pretty print. I’m glad I finally settled on this pattern for mine!


  2. I hear you on the sewing during the vacation. It’s only week one and I already have had to stifle the urge to plonk the kids in front of the TV so that I can get some sewing done. I like your idea of just making basics and the finished products look great.


    1. Thanks, Jenny! I have definitely fallen victim to giving the kids a little extra ipad time so that I can get a little bit of sewing done. I love knowing that the basics I’m making will get worn lots this summer!


    1. Thanks, Lisa! I do want to get to some of my more complicated shorts patterns, but it’s just so easy to whip these up. I should have started on shorts a few months before the summer actually started…


  3. I love your shorts, Teri! So good when the weather’s hot. And I like how you’ve altered them to fit you, I need to try your fit alteration the next time I see some shorts, I think I need it!


    1. Thanks, Fiona! I have gotten a lot of use from these shorts so far this summer. I’m hoping I have time to get on the romper train before the summer ends– I want a Sanibel like yours!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love that you were able to make these multiple outfits, they all look fantastic on you. The color blocked tee was a very happy accident indeed. And I am right there with you on the width of the cotton and steel rayon, I always make sure to buy extra now when using it.


    1. Thanks so much, Angie! I’ve been mixing and matching these pieces — they are great basics and really fun to wear. I can definitely see more of Cotton + Steel rayon in my future! It would make a great dress… just need to decide on a pattern!


    1. Thanks, Heather! I am so glad I was able to turn that dress into shorts that get worn all the time. I hate when fabric I love just hangs in the closet unworn!


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