Unicorn Fen Dress Of My Dreams

Unicorn Fen 7

Hello again sewing friends! I hope you all had a good weekend. I am excited to show you my newest Fen dress! After I made my first Fen I was contemplating making one in double gauze with the shirt tail hem. I had a gift card to Jones and Vandermeer and I just could not resist ordering fabric to make the Fen dress of my dreams.

Unicorn Fen 1

Unicorn Fen 2

It just so happens that Lizzy House is hosting another dress contest this year and I thought it would be really fun to enter.  (Here is the fabric I used.) My dress may not win any prizes but it’s definitely one that will get worn over and over.

Unicorn Fen 3

Unicorn Fen 4

This was actually my first time sewing with double gauze. Prior to making this dress I have just been a double gauze hoarder. I have a few cuts of Nani Iro in my stash that I have been a little bit scared to cut into, but now that I know how lovely it is to wear I think I will be able to get over the fear.

Unicorn Fen 5

I made all of the same fitting changes to this Fen dress that I did with my first one. My only change was to use the shirt tail hem instead of the high low hem. Since I had made all of my mistakes on the first one this one went really quickly. (I was sure to install the neckband as the last step, in case I wanted to make any changes to the shoulder seam allowance.) I did discover that unpicking double gauze isn’t the easiest since the weave is loose and it’s easy to pull the fabric instead instead of the thread. I was glad I only had to unpick a few little things.

Unicorn Fen 6

Unicorn Fen 8

It was challenge to do the narrow 1/4″ hems on the sleeves and the hem since the double gauze was fraying a little bit. I made use of my tailors clapper to get a good clean press on the folds. It probably would have been a good idea to use bias tape to hem the dress, especially with the curve of the shirt tail hem.

Unicorn Fen 9

I love the easy, pull on silhouette of this dress. It’s going to be great on hot days! I adore this whimsical green fabric. Last summer I wanted to make all the blue things and this year I’ve shifted over to wanting to make everything green. Do you every find yourself fixated on one color or do you like to mix it up?



15 thoughts on “Unicorn Fen Dress Of My Dreams

  1. Cute dress! I love the easy style, and good call on the shirttail hem. Double gauze is so nice, but I’m always stumped as to what to make with it!


    1. Thanks, Lisa! I have been searching for the perfect tank pattern to use with one of my cuts of double gauze. I think something pretty basic will be best since it can be a bit challenging!


  2. I love this dress Teri!! That green color is beautiful on you and the unicorns! It has unicorns! I am not a huge fan of sewing with double gauze, but it is sooooo lovely to wear, so that makes it worth it. I hope you win the contest!


  3. What a gorgeous dress! I’m a bit obsessed with blue, although my knit and natter group have a good laugh at me because I always seem to pick out green yarn!


  4. Ah, unicorns! What a cool dress! That green looks gorgeous on you, and it looks like it’ll be a lovely dress for warm weather. I have a dress length piece of double gauze in my stash, just waiting for our southern hemisphere summer to roll back around!


    1. Thanks, Kirsten! Today was hot as blazes and I wore this dress. It really is perfect for the heat! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your dress once you’ve got the weather to sew it.


  5. I remember seeing this dress on your instagram! It is so lovely. The unicorn print is amazing 🙂 I think double gauze together with the cut of this pattern will be really good for the summer. I really need to make one as well!


  6. Do you make these to sell i.e. The unicorn fen dress( in larger sizes?). So unique and grown up unicorn fabric, makes refreshing change from all the pinks and pastels.


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