Pink Chambray Popover Archer

Popover 1

Hey there! In honor of the fact that it’s been just about a year since I made my first Archer button up, I made another one and took pictures in the same place. You can even see my husband’s reflection in the window like the first time around. Ha, ha!

Popover 2

I was excited when Grainline released the popover add on pack for the Archer pattern. I’d been wanting to make a popover version and was happy to let the pros make a pattern piece for the front placket. The expansion pack also includes tower plackets for the cuffs so I don’t have to steal that piece from the Sewaholic Granville anymore.

Popover 7

This is my 4th Archer and I think I’ve mostly perfected the fit. As usual I made a size 10 graded to a 14 at the hips. I shortened the sleeves 1/2″ and narrowed them down to a size 6 at the cuffs. I think the only thing I need to change for my next one is to do a forward shoulder adjustment. I don’t know why it hasn’t occurred to me to do one before since it’s a standard adjustment for me.  This one feels a little bit restrictive at the front of my shoulders but it’s not anything that will keep me from wearing this shirt. Once I move the shoulder seam and the peak of the sleeve cap forward a bit it should be perfect.

Popover 6

This is the first time that I’ve made the pockets the full size as included in the pattern. On my other versions I shortened them a little bit because I thought they seemed so big. Turns out I like the big pockets!

Popover 5

I think the best part about sewing the popover version of this shirt is that there are less buttonholes to sew! My machine can sometimes be a little erratic with buttonholes and I never quite know what I’m going to get when I plug in my buttonhole foot. Speaking of buttonholes, I always struggle with the top button on the collar stand. I only ever button it when it’s on the hanger in my closet but I feel like it would look weird if I skipped it. That is the one that I usually end up having to rip out at least once before I get it in the right spot and looking relatively normal.

Popover 8

I bought this chambray fabric from Indiesew and it is sold out in the pink, but they do have two other colors in stock currently. It’s a great light weight that was easy to work with and is very nice to wear. I am glad I ordered a little bit more fabric than I needed because I had a few mishaps when making this shirt. The best was that I managed to fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the front placket TWICE IN A ROW and had to recut it each time. I was hoping to have enough fabric left over to make some pants for Caroline but I’m just glad I had enough to fix my silly mistakes as I went along!

Popover 9

That picture is totally cracking me up. It looks like I’m auditioning for a Pantene commercial.

So, I think I’ve sewn enough of these shirts that I feel comfortable cutting into my Liberty lawn for my next one. I really want to wear it so I hope I can get the time to cut it out soon! What are you sewing these days?





14 thoughts on “Pink Chambray Popover Archer

  1. I love this shirt, Teri! This is a great combination of a menswear style and a feminine color/fabric. If if makes you feel any better, I never add the button and buttonhole in the collar stand, and I bet no one ever noticed or cared. 🙂

    With the popover expansion pack, did the tower placket fit on the old sleeve, or did they give you a new sleeve? Did you have to lengthen the slit that you cut in the sleeve at all?


    1. Thanks, Carolyn! I forgot that there was a new sleeve included in the popover expansion pack. I think the slit might have been a little bit longer than the one on the old sleeve. I did use the new sleeve and narrowed it down 2 sizes like I’d been doing with the old sleeve– the fit came out just the way I wanted it!


  2. So pretty in that pink! Perfect for spring! I totally leave the collar stand button off pretty much all shirts I make, even for my husband. They never come out right and no one ever uses them… I sew the button on for show, but no corresponding buttonhole 😉


    1. Ooh, I love the idea of just sewing on the button for show but no actual buttonhole. I get so frustrated since I’ve never gotten that buttonhole right on the first try. Thanks, Meg!


  3. It never occurred to me to leave off the collar stand button hole! It is the most finicky, but for some reason my cheap-o machine handles it just fine. Love the shirt, especially in that color! My husband has a light pink shirt and I always want to steal it. I should just make my own!


    1. Lisa, you should make your own! The Liberty lawn that I have slated for my next Archer is light pink, too. I don’t think there’s a marking on the collar stand for where that top buttonhole should go and I always get it wrong the first time. But I do like being able to button the shirts all the way up when they are hanging in my closet to keep the collars from getting all floppy. It’s just one of those things I have to keep working on, I guess!


  4. Great Shirt – but yeah I would totally skip that top button hole – I bet no one would ever notice. Have fun making the Liberty Lawn version,looking forward to seeing it.


  5. How nice to have a year old shirt to compare with your new one! It can be difficult to see any progress in sewing skills. I hear you with the erratic buttonholes, my old machine was like that, and I always dreaded buttonholes. I’m currently between sewing projects, but I plan to get started with a new one later today!


    1. Thanks, Nilla! I have mostly figured out how to get decent buttonholes but every so often I get one that is totally a wreck and have to unpick it. I hope you were able to start your new project!


  6. Teri, LOVE the tunic! That’s my favorite style… the “pop over”! The thing I don’t get is what to wear over it…since it’s a between season item. (Not summer yet, not winter yet.) I’ve seen (shorter) jean jackets over tunics. What do you think?


    1. Hi Lodi! Thanks so much! I think a shorter jean jacket would be really cute over this type of shirt. I think a cropped cardigan or even a longer boyfriend style would look good, too! I have a jacket that I wear with most everything when it’s in-between weather. It’s a quilted jacket that is sort of like the Grainline Tamarack jacket but it has a collar. I got it at Gap years ago and I wear it constantly!


  7. This looks perfect!! I love that soft pink colour and it goes so well with your jeans, but I bet it goes with lots of other things in your closet too! I hate the collar button hole too – I think because the fabric is a bit thicker there, my machine always struggles a bit, but my OCD won’t let me leave it off. Ha ha!


    1. Thanks, Heather! I think my OCD is the thing that keeps me trying on that top button hole. I can’t wait to see you model the popover Archer that you made recently. Your Instagram photos looked great!


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