Rayon Luna Pants and a Lark Tee

Luna and Lark 3

Yesterday we had an unseasonably warm, sunny day so we ventured outside onto the front step to take a few pictures of this seasonally inappropriate outfit! I have been wearing my black Luna pants so much that on New Year’s Eve I decided to make myself a new pair from some rayon challis that I bought a while ago when I was pregnant with Caroline.

Luna and Lark 1

Luna and Lark 4

The thing I didn’t really consider is that rayon challis is really thin and these might not be the best choice for the middle of Winter. I have worn them a few times when it hasn’t been completely frigid, but I know I will wear these a bunch in the Spring and Summer. I set out to make these the same size as my last pair, which was cut between the lines for size Large and X-Large. I discovered that my pattern wasn’t cut that way after all. I had cut the back piece of my black pair between the L and XL but the front was cut on the size XL. So this time I cut the front between the L and XL. The difference wasn’t super noticeable but I like how these are just a tiny bit smaller than my other pair.

Luna and Lark 2

Luna and Lark 5

I struggled a little bit with the pockets on this pair because of the shifty nature of the rayon fabric. The pockets are attached to the outsides of the leg pieces with a smaller seam allowance than what is used to sew the outside seam of the legs. This results in the pocket seam being recessed a little bit and I think it’s a great detail on these pants. The rayon was shifting around so much that one of my pockets is not as recessed as the other one. It’s not a big deal but it may be time for me to buy some spray starch to help when using slippery fabric.

Lark 1

My t-shirt is the Lark Tee from Grainline Studio. When the pattern was released I was sort of skeptical that I needed another t-shirt pattern. I have the Union St tee pattern, the Plantain tee, and the Sewaholic Renfrew (which I haven’t even made yet!) But I was very taken in by the boatneck version and somehow convinced myself I needed the pattern instead of just modifying the neck on one of my other patterns.

Lark 2

I finally got to sewing up my first Lark tee last week. I made a green cap sleeve version to wear under my Morris blazer. Based on that initial tee I made a few changes to the pattern before I made this rather boring, but super useful white t-shirt. The body of the pattern runs long. I compared the pattern pieces to my favorite t-shirts and decided to shorten it by 2″. On my first tee I shortened at the lengthen/shorten line, but the hip curve ended up too high and I had to straighten it before I hemmed the shirt. This one I shortened at the hemline and it’s much better.

Lark 3

I also found I needed a  3/4″ forward shoulder adjustment (which is standard for me and I should have just done it to the first one) and adjusted the sleeve cap using this great tutorial. I cut a size 10 at the bust and graded out to a 14 at the hips. This is the short sleeve option but I shortened the sleeves by 1″. When I finished my green cap sleeve version and this version I was initially a little bit meh about the fit. I wasn’t loving the fit through the shoulders but after a trip through the wash I totally love how they both fit.

I feel like I’ve unlocked some sort of major sewing achievement now that I can sew a basic white t-shirt. The fit of this top is great on it’s own and it’s great as a layering piece under a cardigan (which is how it will be worn this winter.) I just ordered 2 more yards of this white jersey so I can make a few more and retire some of my old RTW white tees.

Lark 4

So, that was an awful lot to say about a basic t-shirt, but I really like this pattern and I’m excited to make a long sleeved boatneck version soon. Has anyone else sewn the Lark tee and do you think I’m crazy for buying multiple basic t-shirt patterns?



21 thoughts on “Rayon Luna Pants and a Lark Tee

    1. Thanks, Louise! I think this pattern is great since there are 4 sleeve length variations and 4 neckline variations. It’s a great value! Once the weather warms up I think I will be living in this outfit!


  1. I love this outfit!! Do you like the Luna pants better than the Hudsons in a woven? I think your Lark tee looks awesome and I often feel like my t-shirts look better after a wash too!


    1. Thank you, Heather! I do like the Luna pants better than the Hudsons in a woven, although if I had done my woven Hudsons in rayon they would have draped better than the chambray I used. There is more room through the lower leg in the Luna pants so I don’t get fabric bunching up at my knees like my woven Hudsons. The crotch fit is also better for me in the Luna in a woven fabric. I love my Hudsons but I think I am going to stick with knits for that pattern in the future.


    1. Thanks, Kirsten! I am almost finished with a long sleeved boat neck Lark tee and I really love how it’s looking. It’s such a great value with all of the variations offered– plus I love the hacks that are posted on the Grainline blog. I want to try the cardigan modification one of these days.


    1. Thanks, Inder! I’m hoping summer will get here soon and I can really wear this outfit a lot! I love the Luna pants in a woven fabric– they fit me better than the Hudsons in a woven fabric. I haven’t make the Moji pattern yet. It looks so slim through the leg that I’m not sure if it will work very well for me without some modifications. The Luna pants have the ease built into the pattern and the waist is higher if that is something that you like. I’d recommend the pattern!


  2. Cute outfit!! I think it makes sense to have more than one t-shirt pattern. They’re all a bit different and serve different purposes. I have some white Laguna jersey in my stash, too, waiting to be turned into the perfect white tee!!


    1. Thanks, Meg! I can’t wait to see your perfect white tee when you get to it! I am still envious of the awesome v-necks you were cranking out last summer. I need to try one soon!


  3. That outfit looks so cute on you. I am with you on feeling that I had reached some secret sewing level when I started sewing tshirts. It was strangely liberating – like, no longer do I have to deal with the frustration of crappy rtw tees that shrink or stretch out of shape within two washes. Though, I never buy white fabric anymore because there is no way that is staying clean in my house!

    I also have multiple tshirt patters – Plantain, Renfrew and Maria Denmark’s Birgitte which I haven’t even sewn yet!


    1. Thanks, Masha! White (or any color of clothing) doesn’t stay clean in my house either, but I can’t resist a good white tee. I need to make a few gray ones– that will cover the messes that get on me everyday! It really is great to finally have some t-shirts that fit me well. Plus they are so quick to sew that they are really addictive!


    1. Thanks, Coco! I love a good crew neck. It’s definitely my preferred neckline! I am going to give the other neck variations a try to see how I like them but I think this is the one I’ll be coming back to over and over again.


  4. This is such a great outfit – it’ll be perfect all the way through summer! I love when you can find the perfect pattern to make basics with.

    And I was in the same boat as you – I didn’t buy Lark because I wasn’t sure I needed it (I actually only have Plantain, but that seemed like enough). But I sprang for it recently, and I love it. I love Jen’s patterns, and the neck options are what finally sold me. So you’re definitely not crazy!


    1. Thanks, Katie! I can’t resist a Grainline pattern, either. I love that she always offers multiple views and this pattern has so many great options. I’ve made it 3 times already so I’ve already gotten my money’s worth from the pattern!


  5. I have several basic t-shirt patterns! The plantain tee was great for a while, and then I bought Hey June’s Union Street pattern because I wanted to make a v-neck. I did stop short of buying the Lark since I haven’t had much luck buying t-shirt fabric online lately! Would someone fault an avid reader for buying multiple beach reads? I think not! Glad you have a TNT look on your hands. I am contemplating the Luna pants but I’m not sure they suit my (petite) frame!


    1. Thanks, Sarah Jo! I love the beach read analogy! I wear t-shirts the majority of the time so it’s worth it to me to have a handful of patterns to choose from. I wish good knits weren’t so hard to come by! I feel like the Luna pants would be cute on a petite frame but I don’t know if I’ve seen anyone sew/wear them who is petite. It’s a great pattern and at the very least you’d have comfy pants for around the house!


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