Chambray Hudson Pants

Chambray Hudsons

One of my favorite sewing bloggers is Meg from Cookin’ and Craftin’. Pretty much whenever she has a new post I think, “Yep, I want to make that now.” This past summer she made a pair of Chambray Hudson pants and I knew I needed some for myself. Within minutes of reading her post I’d ordered some of the stretch chambray but then I got busy with other projects and didn’t end up making the pants.

Chambray Hudsons 4

I’ve been wearing my black Luna pants so much that right at the end of December I decided it was time to finally try making my first pair of woven Hudson pants. I dithered around trying to decide if I should just use the fabric for another pair of Luna pants, but I decided to go with my original plan and do the Hudsons. I followed Kelli’s tutorial for how to modify the pants for a woven fabric. I removed the pocket detail, lengthened the pockets, added 4.5″ to the length,  and went up 2 sizes. Like Meg, I went with an elastic casing at the hem.

Chambray Hudsons 1

These pants are really comfortable and I’ve worn them a lot but I’m not totally sure they are the most flattering in this fabric. I have some bunching at the crotch, which I think I might have in my knit Hudsons, but because the fabric has more drape I don’t think it’s as noticeable. These are better worn with a longer top so that the bunching is somewhat covered.

Chambray Hudsons 3

Because of how slim this pattern is through the lower leg I get fabric bunching up at my knees. I bet if I’d done a straight hem with no elastic the fabric wouldn’t bunch up as much.

Chambray Hudsons close up

So, in the end, I know I will wear these, especially in the Spring, but I think I made the wrong fabric choice for the pattern. It was sort of an experiment and I will probably just stick with knit Hudson pants in the future. This stretch chambray is a great fabric but it’s got a little too much body for this style– a rayon fabric or something with some tencel would have probably been better.  Oh well, live and learn, I guess! (And maybe get some of the other color of this chambray for a pair of Luna pants?)

Is anyone else outside in the snow taking blog photos? It was fairly warm on the day we took these pictures but I still had to work around snow!









10 thoughts on “Chambray Hudson Pants

    1. Thanks, Heather! I was surprised I liked them styled with a sweater and flats. I figured I would probably just wear them with t-shirts and sneakers/flip flops. Honestly, now that I think about it, most of my RTW pants have some sort of crotch issue so I shouldn’t be so hard on these! I will wear them even if they are a little bunchy.


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