Cheyenne Tunic


Hi Everyone! I have a few remaining items that I made in 2015 that haven’t made it to the blog yet. The first one I have to show you is the Cheyenne Tunic from Hey June Patterns. We took these photos quite a while ago and for some reason it took me so long to write a post about this top. (Sometimes that’s good because I have worn the item a few times and I know what I like/dislike. The problem with waiting is that I’ve forgotten everything about the construction. Maybe I need to start writing notes for myself as I sew!?)  Anyway, I was smitten when I saw the teaser photos that Adrianna posted on Instagram and I threw my name into the hat when she put out a call for testers. I was really happy when I got the e-mail that I was chosen to test. I have been wanting a popover shirt for a while and I was excited to jump in and try this pattern.

Cheyenne Tunic 3

Cheyenne Tunic 1

There are a bunch of different options included in the Cheyenne Tunic pattern. It’s one of those patterns that is a really good value for the price, I think. There are 2 different length options– tunic and shirt length. There is an option for the banded collar with popover placket or a full button down placket with a collar. The sleeves can be made full length or 3/4 length and there is an option for a sleeve tab to use when rolling the sleeves.

Cheyenne Tunic 2

This is my tester version of the pattern. I cut out the tunic length shirt with the long sleeves. I like that the long sleeve option has a tower placket at the cuffs. I think tower plackets just look so professional and it’s a fun bit of origami to get them put together.  When I got to the point that I could try it on I decided that the tunic length felt a little nightgowny so I cut it off to the shirt length. I am really happy with the length now.

Cheyenne Tunic 4

The sleeves are a little long on me, I think I’d prefer them about half an inch shorter. I also think I might like the cuff to be a little tighter on my wrist. I feel like it looks sort of sloppy unless I roll the sleeves up.  This is the same issue I have with the Archer pattern. Maybe I have thin wrists? I think I need to try on one of my ready to wear button down shirts and see how the sleeves/cuffs fit before I make another shirt.

Cheyenne Tunic 5

Cheyenne Tunic 7

My measurements put me between a M and L on the top.  Based on the finished garment measurements I decided to cut a size M and graded out to between an XL and a 1X at the hips. I wear this top over a tank and I love the loose, comfortable fit.

Cheyenne Tunic 8

Cheyenne Tunic 9

The fabric I used is a plaid shirting that I got from Joann. It’s really soft and cozy, but it’s another twill weave plaid and they drive me nuts. Once again (as in the case of my plaid Brumby skirt and an Archer I am currently making) I had to do a lot of manipulating to keep the plaid lines straight while cutting and the shirt got all stretched out when I was making it. After I was done I wasn’t sure I really liked how it fit but giving it a run thought the washer and dryer helped get it back into shape. I have worn it a bunch since I made it and eventually I’d love to make it in one of the Kaufman Mammoth Plaid flannels. (That are not twill weave! Yay!)

I’ll be back soon with my remaining 2015 makes. I hope you’re all having a great start to the new year!




17 thoughts on “Cheyenne Tunic

  1. I saw this pattern recently and really liked it as well. I like that there seem to be a lot of options! Yours is really nice. You did well on the plaid! Plaids scare me but I seemt o have a lot of them in my stash!


    1. Thanks, Laurie! I always have to gear myself up to spend the time cutting plaids so that they’ll match. It’s never as bad as I think it’s going to be but I have had my fill of plaids for a while, I think!


    1. Thanks, Lisa! It was a fun surprise to find some nice flannels at Joann. I was actually really amazed that this didn’t come out of the dryer twisted up, since the twill weave wants to make everything diagonal. Somehow it stayed straight, thank goodness!


  2. Ooooh, I have had my eye on this pattern! It looks great on you! I’m with you, the Archer sleeves are crazy long on me. Maybe I have short arms? I think more likely it’s that my bust and torso measurements put me in a larger size even though I’m petite in stature (le sigh). Anyway, this tunic is super cute on you and looks very comfy and cozy!


    1. Thanks, Teresa! It does feel sort of like the flannel shirt equivalent of a sweatshirt since it’s so cozy and easy to wear. I love that it can just as easily be made a little fancier with a different fabric choice!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Heather! I totally updated the blog on a whim! I have a little bit more work to do on some of the older posts but I’m happy with the change. I think you’d love the Cheyenne tunic– I know you love a good shirt pattern!


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