Buffalo Plaid Everyday Skirt

Buffalo Plaid Everyday Skirt 1.1

Hello lovely sewing friends! I’m back with yet another plaid skirt! I’ve been hit hard with the plaid skirt fever this fall and winter. I started out with my black and gray plaid Baseball skirt, then moved on to my plaid Brumby skirt, and now this buffalo plaid Everyday skirt.

Buffalo Plaid Everyday Skirt 6.1

This is also my first attempt at indoor photos this winter. My husband balked at going outside to take pictures when it was 30 degrees so we shuffled some furniture and came up with these photos. It’s not as good as being out in the natural light, but when the midwest winter finally sets in it will be better than freezing our tails off outside!

Buffalo Plaid Everyday Skirt 3.1

I think this is the seventh time I’ve made this skirt and I find it to be such a pleasure to sew and wear. I was inspired to make a Buffalo plaid version when I saw this photo during the winter when I was pregnant with Caroline. The fabric I used is the mammoth plaid flannel from Robert Kaufman and the order I placed last January ended up getting backordered for a few months. When I finally got the fabric in the mail I had mentally moved on to Spring sewing, so I stashed the fabric until last week.

Buffalo Plaid Everyday Skirt 7.1

Luke and Andrew had their school Christmas program last Thursday so I decided I should finally make my buffalo plaid skirt to wear to their concert. I made my standard size L and shortened the skirt by 2″. I used some black linen/rayon fabric scraps for the pocket bags instead of cutting both pocket layers from the flannel. I was hoping this would keep the pocket area from being too bulky.

Buffalo Plaid Everyday Skirt 5.1

I usually wear my Everyday skirts pulled down a little bit low on my waist, but I like this one right at my natural waist to avoid showing any skin when wearing it with my Astoria top. I feel like the Astoria and Everyday skirt are really perfect together. (Here’s me in another Astoria/Everyday skirt combo!) They are both comfortable and so easy to wear.

Buffalo Plaid Everyday Skirt 4.1

I love this outfit so much that I’ve decided this is probably going to take the place of the Christmas dress I haven’t managed to start. I have to clean the house, wrap gifts, have fun with the kids, etc this week and with only a few days left before Christmas that doesn’t leave much time for tracing a new pattern, making a muslin, and sewing my final dress. I don’t want to rush through the dress or be stressed all week so I’ll get to it when the kids are back in school. Has anyone else given up on any of their Christmas sewing plans?

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!



18 thoughts on “Buffalo Plaid Everyday Skirt

  1. Oh, I love how Christmas-y that plaid is, without being overkill. Looks great and perfect for the big day itself. Going to try to sneak some me-time/ sewing-time in ver the next day or so but like you said, so many other things to do…


    1. Thanks, Noelle! I think the key to getting your hands on this plaid is to look for it in the early Spring. It seems like there’s never enough available in the winter but shops get restocked later. That might not help you now, but maybe for next year…


  2. I love this combo! It looks great *and* comfortable for Christmas! Probably a good thing not to rush through a different Christmas dress, no matter how tempting. I was able to make mine up as a rush job since my bodice was already perfectly fitted—I certainly couldn’t have done it with an untried pattern!


    1. Thanks, Lisa! It is super comfortable and I am really happy with my choice not to rush through the Christmas dress. I just hope that I won’t procrastinate on it until next December!


    1. Thank you, Linda! I would love to find a black and white version of this plaid to make a button down shirt. There are so many great options for the buffalo plaid. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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