Bethioua Raglan

Bethioua 1.1

Hello! How is everybody doing? Today the temperatures are in the low 60s (with lots of wind– please pardon the crazy hair and extra squinty eyes in these photos!) which doesn’t feel much like December to me! I’ve completely neglected my holiday sewing plans (selfish sewing only this year! I’m determined to make a Christmas dress for myself. I got fabric last year but I was too pregnant to to use it. It’s a red tartan plaid and I think I’m going to make an Emery dress. I’ve been wanting to make one forever!)

Bethioua 3.1

Instead of working on my dress muslin, I’ve made myself a Bethioua raglan. I absolutely love sewing and wearing raglan tops/sweatshirts. They are so easy to construct and are really comfortable! I got the fabric and the pattern from Indiesew. (The fabric sold out really quickly and I managed to snag the end of the bolt!)

Bethioua 2.1

The fabric is a french terry, and I can’t remember the fiber content. I think it must have some rayon in it because it’s drapes really nicely. It’s really perfect for this pattern. It doesn’t seem like there is any spandex in the fabric and I was initially a little unsure about whether to use it for the neckband and sleeve cuffs. I didn’t have any other options that matched this olive/sage green color so I went with self fabric. I ended up having to shorten the neckband by about 2″. I have learned to always baste on the neckband when I sew a new knit pattern. Unpicking is such a pain! There are two options for the cuffs in this pattern– close fitting and oversized. I initially cut out the close fitting, but felt like it might be a little too tight. I ended up re-cutting somewhere in between the two sizes and they fit perfectly.

Bethioua 7.1

Bethioua 6.1

I was really excited about the potential to use my coverstitch machine on this sweatshirt since there are some really interesting seam lines. My coverstitch has a couple of stitches that require more intricate set up, so I don’t use them too often. I usually just go with the stitches that look like what a twin needle does. For this top I put in the extra effort (it really took me all of 5 minutes– not really as big a deal as it seems to be) to set it up for one of the fancy stitches. I decided to use it everywhere except for the side seams and I loooooooove how it turned out! I think it really gives this top a ready to wear look.

Bethioua 5.1

Bethioua Back.1

I totally enjoyed sewing this pattern. The darts on the shoulders are a nice fitting touch. I think next time I need to shift them forward a bit to account for my forward shoulders. I love that the sleeves are constructed so they create a yoke in the back. The sleeves are a subtle bat-wing shape, and I am a big fan of the longer length and curved hem. (There is also the option to do a basic straight hem with a hem band.) Once I get past my holiday sewing I want to try this top in a cotton/spandex jersey, too. I think I would wear that all the time!

Bethioua 4.1

If you’re looking for a unique, cozy raglan pattern, I would recommend Bethioua!


Disclaimer: I was provided with the Bethioua pattern as I am part of the Indiesew blogger team.  All opinions are my own.

17 thoughts on “Bethioua Raglan

  1. I LOVE the Bethioua, but I can’t handle PDFs. (I’ll have to wait. They’re in Europe but I can’t figure out how to buy one. I’d buy the PDF too for the English directions. Any thoughts?)

    Did you leave the bottom edge “raw”? I can’t tell by the pictures. it’s lovely! Lodi


    1. Thanks, Lodi! I hemmed the bottom edge. I turned it up half an inch and then used my coverstitch to do the topstitching. I have gotten so used to sewing with PDF patterns that I don’t mind them at all… unless they are a million pages, which this one wasn’t. It wasn’t bad to assemble, in my opinion. I am not sure if there in an option for a paper pattern if you buy directly from the designer. I’d say you should give the PDF a shot in this case!


  2. I love the seaming on the back of this top. So unique! And perfect opportunity for topstitching! Hope you get to your Christmas dress… I may hunker down and sew my own this weekend!


    1. Thanks, Lisa! I couldn’t resist all the topstitching to highlight those seams! I have made zero progress on the Christmas dress… I have to get cracking in the next few days!


  3. i’ve been looking for a raglan like this, however, some of the shots show a very low shoulder, whilst some have the neckline closer to your actual neck … how is that achieved … i love the higher neckline, but i’m not sure how this one works: do the shoulder darts make it happen? how does this work …. this is the only thing keeping me from purchasing this lovely pattern …. you look wonderful in it … your cover-stitching is impeccable … i need a new serger and a coverstitch machine ……

    {did you ever get your christmas dress sewed? LOL}


    1. Hi Darlene! Thanks for your comment! I was sort of nervous about the neckline on this top but it turned out that I just needed to shorten the neckband piece a little bit to get a nice high neckline. I think I shortened the band by about 2 inches, but I can’t quite remember. I usually baste on the neckband the first time I sew a new knit pattern so it’s easier to take off and make adjustments. I just made another one of these in a jersey fabric and I love it so much! You should give the pattern a try! Oh, and nope, never did get to the Christmas dress. Next year!!


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