Black Luna Pants and Floral Linden Sweatshirt

Linden and Luna 2.1

The subtitle to this post is, “My New Favorite Outfit!” Every time this outfit is clean I reach for it. These pieces definitely qualify as secret pajamas but I feel really put together when I wear them.

Linden and Luna 1.1

I had the pleasure of being a tester for Made By Rae’s newest pattern, the Luna Pants. Rae had been teasing these pants on her blog for a little while and I could not wait to be able to make my first pair. I had really high hopes for them because they looked like they had plenty of ease in the hips/thighs. I made this pair of Harem Pants earlier this year and they just don’t quite fit. I have worn them a decent amount, but they are too tight on my thighs when I do anything other than stand. I’ve been kicking around making a pair of woven Hudson pants, but I’m scared the same thing will happen.

Luna close up 1

I made a pair of muslin Luna pants for my first tester pair. I loved the fit, but found they were a little too long. I shortened this pair (which is still based off of the tester pattern) by an inch and I also lowered the rise by an inch. This pattern is designed to sit right at the natural waist, but I’ve gotten so used to the fit of the Hudson pants that I wanted them to be a little bit below my natural waist.

Luna and Linden 1.1

I also decided to cut between the size L and XL for this pair. My hips are 43.5, which is right in the size range for the XL. The fabric I used, Robert Kaufman Brussels Washer linen, is a linen/rayon blend, and from my experience I’ve found that linen tends to stretch/bag out a bit. I think the fit of these is perfect, but if I was using a fabric with a tighter weave I would probably stick with the size XL.

Luna and Linden 2.1

This pattern uses a waistband facing to create the casing for the elastic instead of folding over the top or sewing on a separate waistband. I have made so many pairs of elastic waist pants in my sewing career and this is the first time I’ve ever seen a casing constructed this way. I really like how using a facing maintains the contours of the waistband. It feels like a nice, professional detail on a quick sew pair of pants.

Linden 2.1

My shirt is the cropped view of the Linden sweatshirt with added cuffs and waistband. This fabric gave me all the heart eyes the minute I saw it. I could not resist the gray, black, and white floral. My serger gave me a huge amount of trouble when I was making this and the needles were making holes in the fabric.  I was really close to tears– I expected this to be a simple palate cleanser project after making an Archer. I realized one of my serger settings had been changed when my son was “looking at the engine.” Once I got it fixed the construction was smooth sailing and I’ve forgiven it for being so difficult.

Linden 1.1

 I love my super comfortable new outfit! I am anxious to make another pair of Luna pants but I have to figure out what what fabric to use next. I might need to ask Santa to bring me some of the double gauze Rae used for this pair. I love them so much!

If you’ve made it this far, you might be curious about these photos. I am not actually as tall as the Statue of Liberty. There is a car dealership very close to our house that has this statue in its lawn.  I have always thought it would be a fun place to take photos and we stopped there on our way home from church to get these shots. I’m not sure I would have been brave enough to do it on a day the dealership was open!



22 thoughts on “Black Luna Pants and Floral Linden Sweatshirt

  1. Ha ha- glad to know you are not as tall as the Statue of Liberty! Cute outfit! Glad you were able to troubleshoot your serger problems 😉


    1. Thanks, Meg! The serger issue was completely baffling to me. My son just flipped one little switch that I don’t usually look at. I’m glad I figured it out before I carted the whole machine for service.


  2. Oh yeah, I can see why these were instant favorites!!! What a great combination! I am super-eyeing the Luna pants and I have been wanting to make a Linden in a lighter weight knit! So comfy and cute together.


    1. Thanks, Inder! This is my second lighter weight Linden and I really love how it turned out. I felt like I only needed so many sweatshirts, but I definitely need all the raglan t-shirts!


    1. Thanks, Lisa! I’m really glad I decided to make the pants in black. It’s boring to sew but incredibly useful to have casual black pants. I am wondering if I should order more of this fabric– I can see myself wearing this top until it’s threadbare!


  3. Yay for secret pajamas! I agree that the floral knit was a great fabric choice. Teri, you always pick the nicest fabrics! Want to be my personal shopper? 🙂


    1. Carolyn, that sounds like a great idea! Maybe if I was spending someone else’s money I would get the excitement of shopping and then spend less of my own? I am really trying to sew up the fabrics in my stash before buying more, but I couldn’t resist this floral knit!


  4. Such a great outfit! I’m glad you figured out your serger settings – I hate when that happens! So much frustration over a simple thing – it’s definitely happened to me before!


  5. Thanks, Heather! I am usually pretty good about checking all of my settings since my sons love to look at the guts of my machines. Sometimes I forget to cover the machines when the boys are around and that always results in dials being turned and switches being flipped. I will remember to check this little switch next time I have problems!


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