Astoria Cropped Top and Everyday Skirt

Astoria and Everyday skirt side view

Hello readers! It’s Friday! How is everyone doing? I have had very little time to sew or write up a blog post this week. I had back to back field trips to the pumpkin patch with the boys’ pre-school classes on Tuesday and Wednesday and yesterday when I had some kid free time I had so much house cleaning to do. No fun, but I’m glad it’s done for the moment. Anywho, I haven’t had time to write up my post about my Cookie Blouson jacket yet, so I figured I’d show you my latest Astoria top.

Astoria 1

This outfit is a little bit out of season now, but we took these photos before Fall weather hit. I made a few modifications to my Astoria top based on some fit issues with my first one. I did a forward shoulder adjustment and a small narrow shoulder adjustment. I reshaped the neckline so it is a little higher in back and a little lower in front. I also lengthened the body by an inch and made the sleeves a little shorter.

Astoria Side

Astoria 3

I used a cotton/lycra jersey for this, like my first one, but this fabric had a smaller percentage of lycra. I didn’t give any consideration to that when I cut this one and it fits a little smaller. I want to make one more of these in an off white knit that is in my stash (that has the same lycra percentage as this navy fabric) and I think I may try going up a size so that the fit is a little looser.

Astoria 2

I’ve got some bunching under my arms with this– I’m not sure if a sloping shoulder adjustment would fix that. I may give it a try on the next one.

Astoria and Everyday skirt

Astoria and Everyday Skirt back

I made this Everyday skirt ages ago but I don’t think it’s ever made it to the blog. I had attempted to make a box pleated skirt without a pattern using this fabric and I wasn’t happy with how it was going. I set it aside for a while and after the success of my first Everyday skirt I unpicked my box pleated mess and used the fabric to make this instead. This skirt is shorter than the pattern is drafted– I found that I like the skirt about 2-3 inches shorter than the pattern.

Astoria and Everyday Skirt 1

My only regret with this skirt is that I didn’t think I had enough fabric to make the pockets. I left them off and after it was all done I found I had some scraps of this fabric that I had put in a different place. I am constantly trying to put my hands in the phantom pockets!

I am hoping to get some sewing time this weekend! I am making a Washi tunic for a pregnant friend and I have a two Archers planned, but I am seriously loving the new Orla top from Tilly and the Buttons. Is anyone planning to make one?



23 thoughts on “Astoria Cropped Top and Everyday Skirt

  1. Lovely outfit! The Astoria is calling to me. I have seen the Orla but I am on pattern buying fast😤. Its cute I am interested in seeing how it will fit with the shape of the darts.


    1. Thanks, Hila! I think you’d love the Astoria! It would look great paired with all of your Hollyburns! I have been trying not to buy too many new patterns since I have so many already, but Orla is really calling to me. I am not sure I’ll be able to resist for long…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I have worn this skirt a lot since I made it, but mostly just with a regular navy t-shirt. I feel like this top dresses it up just a bit more, which I like.


  2. Great Astoria! You really look lovely in navy… I am curious about Orla- those curved bust seams! I don’t really know if I need any more patterns (in fact, I know I don’t), but I’ve been liking how Tilly patterns fit me lately, so maybe I’ll splurge.


    1. Thanks, Meg! I haven’t gotten the Orla pattern yet but I did buy some bargain rayon challis to use as a wearable muslin. I am sure I won’t be able to resist buying the pattern for too much longer!


      1. Thanks, Kirsten! I have never done a dart with any kind of curve so it will be a new experience for me. Hopefully they aren’t as intimidating as they look!


  3. I love this outfit!! And I think you’ve got a great fit on your Astoria too! I think you could easily wear this with tall boots for fall. I really like the look of the Orla top, but I’m patiently wait to see some more curvy sewists make it up. I think the dart shaping looks really cool.


    1. Thanks, Heather! I need to be on the lookout for some brown boots. I have black ones but I have a weird hang up about wearing navy with black. I think it dates back to high school so maybe it’s time to let it go!


      1. You know I never would have thought to look at Land’s End, but I think Carrie on She Dabbles talked about buying her tall brown boots from there. I ended up popping on their site and buying some on sale last year, and they are soooo comfy! The leather is really nice too, so I’m sure I’ll have them for years to come. It’s a bit tricky because you can’t try them on, but I think they have a pretty good return policy. I’m an enabler, what can I say?


    1. Thanks, Teresa! I was thinking about cutting the sleeves even shorter and maybe making them a little bit full with some gathers at the top. I might give that a try next Summer. I think my next Astoria will be long sleeved, though!

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