Dottie Angel Inspired Washi Tunic

DA Washi 1

Hello! If you have been a reader of this blog for any length of time you know that I love the Washi dress pattern. A few weeks ago it was the 3rd birthday of the Washi dress and Rae started running a #wearyourwashicontest over on Instagram. Of course I took part since I have 7 Washi variations in my closet.

DA Washi 2

I wasn’t intending to make another Washi for the contest but inspiration struck and I decided to go for it. I have been seeing these Dottie Angel frocks on Instagram and I’ve been mildly intrigued by their Granny chic. I thought it would be fairly easy to make a Dottie Angel inspired Washi with just a few changes to the pattern. I went shopping in my stash and found the perfect fabric. It’s a quilting cotton that’s been around for ages waiting to become a quilt back. I had quite a bit of the fabric so I figured I could spare some for the tunic and still have enough for my hypothetical quilt.

DA Washi 3

I made my usual size medium graded out to a large in the skirt. I cut midway between the tunic and dress cutting lines for the width of the skirt. Since I knew I wanted to wear this with jeans I wanted a little extra room through the hips but not quite as much volume as the dress. I also added 3″ of length to the skirt.

DA Washi 6

The Dottie Angel frock has side gathers, which is what I did on my Washi. I gathered between the markings for the pleats on each side and left the center front flat. I really like this subtle change and if there are any more Washis in my future I think I’ll do that again. I also added some pleated patch pockets, which I drew up myself. I wanted to do a contrast fabric for the pockets but I couldn’t find anything in my stash that seemed like a good fit. I made some bias tape from a coordinating solid green fabric and applied it to the edge of the pockets to help them stand out a little bit against the skirt.

DA Washi closeup

This was my first time using the cap sleeves on this pattern and I have no idea why it took me so long to try them. They’re a fun little addition to the tunic. I also used an elastic casing on the back instead of shirring it.

I am really happy with how this tunic turned out. I loved playing along in the Washi contest– I thought I had a lot of Washis but there are a few people still going strong with over 20 different versions. I can’t wait to see who ends up having the most! Would you ever make 20+ versions of the same pattern?



10 thoughts on “Dottie Angel Inspired Washi Tunic

  1. I love this! The cap sleeves are really cute and look great on you. I had never heard of Dottie Angel but am intrigued by the granny chic look. I hope you make more of these tunics!


    1. Thanks, Carolyn! I am curious to try the actual Dottie Angel pattern from Simplicity to see how I like it. I need to keep my eyes out for the perfect Granny chic fabrics in case I do decide to make it.


  2. Gorgeous! Love it – and all your makes ( I don’t think I’ve commented before). I’d like to make the Dottie Angel dress but am very tempted by your idea as well as I have the Washi pattern! Thanks! Jen


    1. Hi Jen! Thanks for your comment! I realized that Rae’s Bianca pattern is actually a little bit better match to the style of the Dottie Angel dress– I have that pattern and I may try using that one next time. I know that Rae’s patterns fit me really well so it seems easier to modify one of hers! I would love to see your dress if you do make it!


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