My Creative Workspace

Sewing Room 1

Hi Everybody! I’m back today with a little different type of post. I was inspired by to post about my workspace. They are a company that has co-working locations throughout the country for various types of creators.  I have shown pictures of my set up over on Instagram but I don’t think I’ve ever shared it here on my blog, so I thought it would be a fun change of pace.

Sewing Machines

We live in a three bedroom house with no basement. We moved into this house a little over two years ago when we only had the two boys. Our townhouse only had one main living room, but our house has a living room/dining room combination and a separate family room. Since we only had furniture for the family room, our mostly unfurnished living room became my sewing room. I do my own kind of co-working in this room– it also doubles as the Island of Sodor, where giant train track layouts are created on a regular basis.  We haven’t changed anything in this room yet. I am not a huge fan of the wall color or the curtains, but doing updates hasn’t been a priority yet.

Sewing Desk

My sewing table is set up against the wall where we would eventually like to put a couch. (I am in no hurry for this to happen since I have no idea where my sewing table would go in that case!) The desk is an Elfa unit from The Container Store. The top drawer holds my most used sewing tools– seam ripper, thread nippers, and needles. The other drawers hold fabric, interfacing, and fabric scraps.

Sewing Desk Drawer

I sometimes wish we had an extra bedroom where I could set up my sewing table, but with three small children I think that this is actually the best option for me. Being in the thick of things means I am able to sneak in some sewing time during the day if the boys are playing. If I had to go upstairs to a bedroom I wouldn’t be able to leave the guys unsupervised for long– especially since they’re currently really into hitting each other.


Dining Room table

I love that I can leave my sewing machines set up all of the time. This really helps with keeping me productive. Unfortunately, it also leads to the dining room table being a constant mess since that’s where I do my  pattern assembly, tracing, cutting, marking, pinning, etc. I try to force myself to clean up after each project, but that doesn’t always happen. (Having to take pictures of my work area really did force me to clean up, though, which was a big reason I thought I should do this post!) It’s always a mad scramble to clean up when guests are coming over.

Green Desk

I keep my apparel fabric stash, notions, sewing books, and paper patterns in this green desk. (My PDF patterns are stored in a file crate in a closet down the hall.) I got this desk years and years ago and it is one of my favorite pieces of furniture. It’s amazing how much stuff I can fit in it! No one would guess all that is hidden away in there keeping the room from being an even bigger mess! The desk is quite full right now, so I think I need to put myself on a stash diet until I get some of that fabric used.

Green Desk Opened

The lighting in this room isn’t the greatest for taking photos. There are 4 windows, but with the trees and the neighbors’ house things are always a bit shadowy. I haven’t figured out a good solution for doing indoor blog photos– I hope that Gillian’s series will shed some light (literally!) on that for me!

Do you sew in a dedicated sewing room or are you in the middle of the house getting threads everywhere like I am?

Thanks to for motivating me to clean up my crafty mess and show where I create!



20 thoughts on “My Creative Workspace

  1. It looks beautiful and tidy! Enjoy that while it lasts! 😉

    I’m trying to think where I’d take pictures if I had that room… I think either between the windows on the outer wall, or directly opposite on the white wall?


  2. How cool to see your sewing space! It seems like you have a good system worked out and that the space works well for your lifestyle. The first thing I noticed is how much open space you have – I think I’ve been living in the city too long! This looks like a palace. 🙂


    1. Haha, Carolyn it’s not much of a palace, but there is a lot of open space since we are low on furniture! Most of the time the open floor space is covered with train tracks, which makes it a challenge if I need to cut something on the floor. But every so often I get it all cleaned up and I get to use the floor!


  3. Thanks for sharing. Love all that space. I now have a tiny cupboard to work in our spare room which is do, so much better than the previous kitchen table. There was already far too much clutter from the kids hanging around there. Forgotten all about thread nippers, I must get myself a pair of these 🙂


    1. This is my first pair of thread nippers and they’re a great little tool. I have a few pairs of smaller scissors but the tips always seem to get dull really quickly. It also seems that no matter how many pairs of scissors I have I can’t ever find them when I need them!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. It looks lovely and uncluttered. I love the desk where you keep your fabric, so pretty and you’re right, no one would have any idea what was in there! You have also inspired me to get some cutlery organizers for the (very similar) drawers under my sewing table. Much more efficient.


  5. Great post! I really enjoy seeing people’s sewing/work spaces. I am surprised that you do not have a basement. I thought all homes in colder climates had to have a basement. My house has one but I only use it very begrudgingly to exercise on my treadmill. My sewing space (though sadly underused) is in my bedroom.


    1. I have actually never lived in a house with a basement! I would love to have one if we ever move out of this house, but it does sort of force us to not accumulate a bunch of stuff that we don’t really need. I would love to have a treadmill, though, and a place for the kids to play where their toys wouldn’t be underfoot constantly.


  6. I love seeing peoples creative spaces and yours is lovely. I have a dedicated sewing room but I do at times miss being in the dining room in the thick of it.


    1. I am really envious of your amazing sewing room– especially that fold down table that you have! It’s got to be nice to not have to clean up constantly, but then again, I might never clean up if I wasn’t sewing in a common area!


  7. I love your sewing space and that green desk is gorgeous! I sew in our dining room, and I could have a room in the basement, but I prefer to be in the thick of things too. If I sewed in a room in the basement, no one would ever see me!


    1. Thanks, Heather! I love the green desk– the color is much better than the photos and it’s got sort of a faux-antique look to it. I didn’t realize you are a dining room table sewist! I have my spare machine set up on the dining room table right now for sewing my Ginger Jeans. It’s so nice to have the space for three machines at once!


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