Rayon Jogger Shorts

Carolyn Shorts Union St Tee 2

Hello! I’m back with what may be the tail end of my Summer sewing! At the beginning of the Summer I saw a pair of rayon shorts at Gap that I wanted to try to re-create. The fabric was an abstract navy and off-white print and the shorts were a loose, jogger style. I ordered some of this Cotton + Steel rayon with the intention of making shorts. I decided to audition a few different patterns before cutting into my actual fabric. I had recently sewn the sample of the Alexandria Pegged Trousers for Indiesew and I decided to start with that pattern.

Alexandria Track Shorts 1

This pattern comes with a shorts variation, but it has a curved “dolphin hem,” which I didn’t want. I went with a straight hem and cut them so the inseam would be 7″ after hemming. I was a little bit leery about the pleats on this style, because I grew up wearing terrible ’80s pleats. I gave them a shot, though, since I loved how the Indiesew sample turned out and I’d seen versions on other blogs that looked great.

Alexandria Track Shorts

The shorts fit well and are really comfortable. The construction is interesting because the outermost pleat sort of encases the top of the pocket.  Sadly, in the end I remembered why I prefer flat front pants/shorts. When I walk in these the fabric poofs out and I don’t think they are the most flattering on me. I feel like they look best when I wear a longer shirt that covers the pleats and holds everything down. Or if I just stand still. I am really glad I gave these a shot and I have worn them quite a bit, but I decided not to use this pattern for my Cotton + Steel fabric.

Carolyn Shorts Union St Tee 3

Next, I tried the Carolyn Pajamas. I knew I liked my pajama pants and figured at the very least I’d end up with some comfortable jammie shorts. I lowered the  rise by about 3/4″ based on my previous Carolyn pants. I also shortened the pants pattern instead of lengthening the shorts pattern. I hadn’t ever assembled the Carolyn shorts pattern so it was easier for me to do it this way.

Carolyn Shorts Union St Tee

I am really happy with how these turned out! It’s been a while since I saw my inspiration shorts so I can’t remember if they fit the same way, but I think this is the pattern I will use for my real fabric. The only question is whether I’ll get a chance to make them before Summer ends or if they’ll have to wait until next year.

Carolyn Shorts Union St Tee 1

Alexandria Track Shorts 2

I also made the tees that I am wearing.  They are both made from heather gray Laguna Jersey. The short sleeved tee is a Union St tee. It’s a great wardrobe basic! The tank is a hybrid of the Foxglove Tank and the Tessuti Lisa dress. I used the Foxglove for the neckline, the Lisa pattern for the arms, and then followed the Foxglove pattern to get the flared shape. I kept a bit of the high-low hem from the Foxglove Tank, but reduced it considerably. The tank is almost exactly what I envisioned, but I think the fabric I used wasn’t quite right.  I think something with a little more drape, like a rayon/spandex, would be better.  It’s a bit of a tent, but it’s a comfortable tent on a hot day.

So the question is– do I look like I’m wearing my pajamas??



15 thoughts on “Rayon Jogger Shorts

  1. This is a great blog post, Teri! I’ve been wondering about the Alexandria trousers and I’m so glad you mentioned that the poof out! Good thing to keep in mind! And I love your Union street tee. Between yours and Meg’s, I think it’s just a matter of time before I get the pattern! Maybe once I free up some time after going through what I already have on my sewing to-do list! Both pairs of shorts looks so comfy!


    1. Thanks, Fiona! I think you’d like the Alexandria trousers a lot– the poof is probably just because of my larger than average thighs. You’ll have to add the Union St tee to your list! I really want to try the v-neck version next since Meg’s look so great on her!


  2. Love the fabric you’ve used on the first pair. I’m not a shorts-wearer, but after spending two weeks in Florida, I can see why you need them over there… T-shirts look great and super comfy 🙂


    1. Thanks, Teresa! I really love that fabric, too. We haven’t had too many blazing hot days this summer, but just enough that it’s nice to have some really lightweight shorts in my wardrobe.

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  3. Both pairs look great to me! I understand about the poofing in the front with pleated shorts – I don’t find it that flattering when I’m actually walking either.


  4. First of all, I don’t think you look like you are wearing pajama shorts at all! I like both pairs. I had my eye on the Alexandria peg pants too, but now I’m not so sure. You bring up some good points about the pleats. I have recently made a pair of woven Hudsons and I was really happy with how they turned out. They would probably make great shorts too. I do really like both the pairs you made though – and your fabrics are awesome!


    1. Heather, did you see the pair of Alexandria pants that Kelly from Cut Cut Sew made? Hers are great and she didn’t mention having any issues with the pleats. Obviously she is built differently than I am and I think that has a lot to do with the poof out that I get when I walk. I have plans for some woven Hudsons soon– I’m totally going to copy the chambray pair that Meg made!


  5. I really considered making some rayon shorts this year as well, using my drawstring Thurlow mod. Never got to it though. I think both pairs look just fine on you, but I’m kinda stalled on my own Alexandria pants because I feel like they look and hang strangely on me also. Anyway, love the fabrics you used here!


    1. It occurred to me after I made the pair from the Carolyn pajama pattern that the Thurlow mod would have been a good choice, too. Maybe next Summer I’ll give that a try!


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