Floral Maya Top


I finally made a Maya top! I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while, and I have seen so many great ones recently. Meg has made three that are so pretty (I pretty much want to copy everything Meg makes) and it was this one from Fiona that finally pushed me over the edge to buy the pattern.


I recently placed my first order of fabric from Mood. I was getting supplies for the Papercut Waver jacket and somehow a few other fabrics found their way into my cart. I remembered this cotton lawn fabric made into a beautiful dress by Mary of Idle Fancy and thought it looked pretty perfect for Maya.

Maya Top

I made a quick muslin before I cut into my fabric. I found I needed my standard forward shoulder adjustment and I made a straight size 4. My hip measurement put me in a size larger so I originally graded out but found I had too much flare happening at the hem. I cut it back to a size 4 but made the armholes 1/4″ bigger. I sometimes run into problems with sleeves being too tight and I didn’t want the armholes to be snug on my upper arms.

Maya Side full view 2

I know this is a loose and boxy style, but I am sort of wondering if I should do a small bust adjustment. I feel like I have a little bit too much fabric in the front but the back of the shirt fits great. It’s really not a big deal due to the style of the shirt, but I may give it a shot and do another muslin to see how it turns out.

Maya Side

I love wearing this top and it’s great for the super hot days we’ve been having. I’m so glad I finally got to make this and I want to try the button front version next!



19 thoughts on “Floral Maya Top

  1. Haven’t seen this design before. Looks very pretty on you in the fabric you’ve chosen. I kind of like it loose on you, but these smaller fitting issues don’t always show up in photos and good to experiment (so says a serial repeater šŸ˜‰ ). Looks incredibly useful too.


  2. So pretty- I admired that fabric, too, when I saw Mary’s dress. It looks great on you! I’m curious to see how an SBA would change the fit… do you typically do SBAs?


  3. I loved that fabric too! So tempting to buy some… it’s just gorgeous. Great shirt, I love nice loose wovens for hot days instead of snug fitting tees, for sure!


  4. I love your fabric choice, as usual! What a gorgeous print for a loose and floaty top. I’m curious how an SBA would work on this top, so be sure to share if you try it!


    1. Thanks, Carolyn! I will share if I try it. I don’t think I’ve ever done an SBA on a dartless top– it might not really be worth it on this style, but if I get some spare time I may give it a go!


  5. I love it!! I agree with the other commenters, it looks loose and flowy but nice on you. That’s exactly the kind of top I love to wear under a suit or cardigan to work, it’s comfortable and unfitted, but dressy. Perfect for my lifestyle and job. I have the pattern but haven’t sewn it yet!


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