Bristol Skirt and Union St Tee


Hello! How is everyone doing? I am in the middle of a really busy week with lots of sewing and getting ready for Andrew’s 3rd birthday. I have two new dresses in the works and I can’t seem to get the fit right on either of them. I have to unpick the gathered skirt from one of them for the second time and try to narrow the bodice a little bit more. I feel like I am getting really close on the perfect fit, but I am SO TIRED of unpicking the same things over and over again. I hope the third time is the charm. Anyhoo, I’m here to share what has become one of my favorite outfits.

Bristol Skirt and Union St Tee 1

Bristol Skirt and Union St Tee 2

I made the Seamwork Bristol skirt during Me Made May and I was pretty disappointed with it right off the bat. I loved the look of this skirt the minute I saw it, but I felt like the kangaroo pocket wasn’t doing me any favors. The fabric I picked is a lovely cotton voile, but while it is lightweight it isn’t as drapey as a rayon challis would have been. The kangaroo pocket area is two layers of fabric sewn together and attached under the main skirt fabric. Having three layers of fabric sitting right on top of my post baby pooch was making me feel like I was still pregnant.

Bristol Skirt and Union St Tee 3

Bristol Skirt and Union St Tee 4

Since May I’ve lost some of the baby pooch and I’ve consistently reached for this skirt because I love the length. I can bend over, play on the floor with the kids, and do my other daily activities without flashing anyone. The way the skirt is designed there is no way to add side seam pockets (because there are no side seams!) I am toying with making it again and eliminating the pocket. I mean, the pocket is sort of useless. You can’t really store anything in it and it’s a little awkward to walk around with your hands in a pocket that is directly over your lady parts.

Union St Tee and Bristol Skirt 1

At some point I want to make the Astoria cropped sweater pattern that coordinates with the Bristol skirt. I haven’t gotten to it yet, but I finally made my first Union St tee. This is my second one, made from a great lightweight rayon jersey that I ordered from the Indiesew fabric shop. The color is a perfect match for the dark gray that is in the skirt fabric.

Union St Tee and Bristol Skirt 2

I am sort of still working out my perfect sizing for this tee. This is a small graded to a large at the hips. I wish it had just a hair more ease, but I didn’t want it to be too slouchy since I made it specifically to wear with a skirt. I’m looking forward to trying the v-neck option on my next Union St tee.

Union St Tee and Bristol Skirt 3

Have you ever had an experience of sewing something that seemed like a dud but became an eventual favorite? I’m crossing my fingers that is what happens with these two dresses that I’m struggling to get right! Off to do more unpicking and re-sewing!



24 thoughts on “Bristol Skirt and Union St Tee

  1. Lovely Teri! I’ve just attempted the Astoria and mine came up pretty small, but maybe it was the fabric I used… Great to see a version of the matching skirt, which is on my Summer sewing list too. Lovely fabric as ever and interesting to read your views on the pockets…


    1. Thanks, Teresa! I think if you were to make the skirt in a fabric with a bit more drape that the pocket would lay a bit better. I think you’ll like the skirt pattern– I’ve worn this at least once a week since making it.

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  2. I hadn’t thought about that kind of pocket in those exact terms – but I can understand just what you mean! Not the best design perhaps. Still, the skirt looks really nice and goes great with your t-shirt. I just dug a skirt out of my closet that I was sure I hated when I made it last year… now I love it!


  3. I love the skirt and tee together–they look great!! I’ve wanted to make the union st. tee for a while now, but I just can’t find the time! I think tee shirts are a great closet booster!


  4. This is just a really great outfit, Teri. I actually really love the way this Bristol looks on you, at least in photographs, it seems to lie nice and flat over the tummy. But I had to laugh when you mentioned the awkwardness of having your hands in a pocket right over the lady parts!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, I knew there was something a little weird about that kangaroo pocket!! Yes, by all means eliminate it in the next make. I really like that pattern but I keep thinking I like the Liesl Everyday Skirt better … you’ve made both, what are your thoughts?


    1. Thanks, Inder! I think the skirt is laying better than it was initially thanks to all of the workouts I’ve been doing. A kangaroo pocket in a skirt is an interesting design choice– I think it’s better suited to a sweatshirt! I love my Everyday Skirts but I like that this one is suited to lighter/drapier fabrics. I haven’t ever thought to try the Everyday skirt in a lawn or rayon since I like the shape it has in a stiffer fabric. I should give that a try because I know I like the pockets better on the Everyday skirt.


  5. I love the fabrics you’ve picked, your tee shirt looks so soft and comfortable! The pocket in the Bristol does sound pretty functionless, its not somewhere you’d want to keep your phone or anything either!


    1. Thanks, Kirsten! I have put my keys in that pocket before and it was pretty funny. They are pretty heavy and pulled the whole front of the skirt down. I guess it’s just a unique design element, but I think I’ll try another one with out the pocket and see how I like it.


  6. I love what you said about the kangaroo pocket! Hadn’t thought of it, but you’re absolutely right! Anyway, I love your whole outfit! The colors are great and it looks like it’d be so comfortable! I especially like the fit of your tee. I don’t have this pattern because I do have the metro tee pattern in my stash and I want to give that a go first!


    1. Thanks, Fiona! I bet the Metro tee is really similar. I have actually had my eye on the Liesl & Co Maritime tee that came out in the last few months. I have some pink and white striped rayon jersey in my stash that I think will be perfect for it. So many sewing projects, so little time!

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  7. Yeah, I never did understand why they opted for a kangaroo pocket on a skirt… Kind of bizarro! But I love outfits like this–so perfect for everyday wear. I love the Union St Tee, I keep coming back to it over and over!


  8. I love the way you’ve styled this with the t-shirt front tucked! It’s super cute, and it’s no wonder it’s become a weekly uniform.


  9. Your union street tee looks fantastic! I really like your Bristol too – it looks great on you. I have the same feeling about the pocket – it’s pretty silly. What if you eliminated it, and adding patch pockets to the front/sides. I think that would be cute. The floral is super cute!


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