Mercer Tunic and Harem Pants

Mercer Tunic Harem Pants Leaning resized

Hello Lovely Readers!

I was on a shopping trip to the Gap recently and I was struck by how much of their collection was blue and white. I have been thinking a lot lately about trying to make my handmade wardrobe more cohesive. I love all the prints and colors, but I like the idea of being able to mix and match to get more wear out of the things I sew.

Mercer Tunic

After that shopping trip I decided this was going to be the summer of blue and white. (I may have decided that so I could justify buying this lovely blue and white voile.) When I saw Whitney Deal’s Mercer Tunic pattern pop up in the Indiesew shop I knew that it would be a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe.

Mercer Tunic Harem Pants Side 1

This top reminds me of something that I would see in J Crew or Anthropologie. I love the button front placket and the light gathers in the front and back under the yoke. It was very easy to construct and looks lovely on the inside thanks to all of my French seaming. I veered off from the instructions a bit and used the burrito method to finish the yoke. I love how that simple method encloses all of the raw edges so easily. It feels like some sort of sewing magic trick.

Mercer Tunic 1

I highly recommend the Mercer Tunic pattern. This is one that I know I will revisit in the future. I think it would be amazing in a rayon or linen!

Mercer Tunic Harem Pants 3

I decided to whip up some rayon Pattern Emporium Harem pants to go with my tunic. This pattern is part of the Indiesew Summer Collection and I liked a lot of the different creations that I saw on the site. I thought that this would be a great lightweight outfit for summer. I am a little disappointed with the fit of the pants—I should have widened them a bit through the thighs. They are great when I’m standing up, but when I sit down I feel like I could use a little bit more room since the fabric is not stretchy at all. I would like to try them again with looser legs. I know I would wear them all the time if I get a better fit. These are definitely close to being secret pajamas!

Mercer Tunic:

I did a forward shoulder adjustment of half an inch. I shortened the top by 3.5 inches. I also moved the shoulder gathers in toward the neck a bit to avoid the fabric standing out at the shoulders. I cut a size M graded out to a L at the hips.

Harem Pants:

I lowered the rise by half an inch in the center back, ¾ of an inch at the side seams, and 1 inch in the center front. I also shortened the hem by an inch and a half.


p.s. As part of the Indiewsew blogger team I was provided with the Mercer Tunic pattern. All opinions are my own.


15 thoughts on “Mercer Tunic and Harem Pants

  1. I hadn’t really noticed the mercer tunic pattern until now, and now I must have it! It’s so pretty on you!


    1. Thanks, Amber! I only learned about this pattern from Indiesew– I’m so glad they added it to the shop. It’s such a pretty pattern! You should definitely try it!


  2. Harem pants!! I was so excited to see the title of your post, as these types of pants are my new obsession. 🙂 This looks like an awesome pattern – they look super comfortable but still put together. Your tunic is gorgeous – beautiful fabric choice, as always. I love the placket and gathers too. Very light and summery!


    1. Of course I thought of you as soon as I started making these pants! I always thought of harem pants as being more of a dropped crotch silhouette, like the ones you made recently. I guess these are a little safer version of harem pants! I am thinking I need to make another pair soon and perfect the leg fit. They would be so much more comfortable than jeans in this humid climate that has settled in!


  3. I love this outfit – it looks so comfy but still polished. I took your intstagram advice on the Mercer Tunic, and also moved my gathers on the yoke more towards the neck, and cut off the same amount you did!

    And I love going to stores I used to love to shop at (Gap, Antrho, J. Crew) and get inspiration to make my own wardrobe – and I love your blue theme / mix and match idea! I just looked at a J. Crew catalog yesterday and was struck by the outfits – too bad I’m already thinking of fall and winter clothes!


    1. Thanks, Katie! I am really excited to see your Mercer Tunic on you. I really love that minty green linen you used. I agree it’s so fun to go to stores to shop for sewing inspiration. And I love that I can almost always come up with a pattern to hack to try for similar results! If only I could find some of the same fabrics that the stores use, than I would be really set!


  4. I am so glad that you made up those Harem pants – I’ve been waiting to see them on someone I know – they look really comfy and go perfectly with you Mercer Tunic. I love the idea of a summer of blue and white too – very crisp. Great outfit Teri!


    1. Thanks, Heather! I think you’d like the Harem pants a lot. They’re sort of what I imagine a woven version of Hudson pants would be. I’m thinking of making a black pair next!


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