Project Made 28 // Tin Can Lanterns


Hello! I’m here with a different kind of project– one that doesn’t involve sewing! Lindsey from Sew to Grow is currently doing a series called Project Made 28. In honor of her 28th birthday, Lindsey is featuring a tutorial every day for 28 days that can be given to a charity or as a random act of kindness. She asked me to participate and I really wanted to work on a project that I could do together with my sons.


I found this tutorial for homemade lanterns and thought it would be a fun thing to do with the boys. I figured once they were complete it would be a fun gift that the guys could give to their grandmothers, who give lots of their time helping me with the kids.


The first step was to fill the cleaned, empty cans with water and freeze them overnight. The ice helps so the cans don’t get dented when you hammer holes in them to let the candle light shine through. I’m not going to lie, this was the most exciting part for the boys. They were very into handling the frozen cans and not so much help with the rest of the project.


Luke was interested in helping me choose the shapes to draw on the cans and he liked watching me hammer the holes. After I hammered the shapes in, using a long nail, I thawed the ice and then painted the cans. I used small paint samples that we got from Home Depot– one of them is a sample we got to audition for our master bathroom color! This basic flat paint worked great.


The last step was to make the lantern handle. I forgot to hammer holes in the sides to thread wire through, so I ended up getting some covered florist wire and wrapping in around the top of the can. Then I used another piece of wire wrapped around that to make the top handle.


The lanterns look great with a tea light inside them! I am thinking of making a few more to put out on our front step, like the luminaria that people put out around Christmas. I’ve seen small battery powered tea light candles that I’d like to get to put inside. Luke and Andrew can’t wait to give the lanterns to Gramma Ann and Gramma Linda. I’m sure it will brighten their day!


Thanks for having me as part of Project Made 28, Lindsey!



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