Petit A Petit and Family Morocco Pants

Morocco pants 1

You guys, I made the greatest pair of pants for Luke. I am used to him wearing baggy knit pants about 97% of the time. He is always down on the ground playing with trains and the roomy, sweatpants style is what he needs most of the time. But every so often he needs to wear a pair of dress pants and he really doesn’t have very many options in his wardrobe. Enter the Morocco pants and shorts from Petit a Petit and Family. This pattern was just released and it is super cool. (I mean, what else but super cool would you expect from Celina, who is one of the creators of Stylo magazine?!)

Morocco pants 2

I was fortunate to be chosen as a tester for this new pattern. I loved the different options for regular pants or the super cool tuxedo striped version. These can be made as shorts or as pants and there is an option for button band elastic for the back waistband. There are also a few different options for the back pockets. I was assigned the regular pants and I was given a choice for the back pockets.

Morocco pants close up

The fabric that I used for the main body of the pants was a pair of wide leg khaki pants that I found on the clearance rack at Gap. They were on sale for $5! I don’t often buy things for the purpose of upcycling them, but I couldn’t pass up that deal. I wanted to use a contrasting fabric for the pockets and waistband, so I used some Essex linen/cotton that I had in my stash.

Morocco pants back 1

I really like the contrasting fabrics, especially on the back pockets. I did one double welt pocket (I always need more practice with welt pockets!) and I did one faux flap with no actual pocket underneath. This was my second time doing a zip fly and I am really happy with how it came out. I was able to use the zipper and the button from the original pants, so I stretched that $5 investment as far as I could!

Morocco pants back 2

The pants have a pretty low rise. The top band of his underwear shows out the top. The leg is really slim, too. I think they look really great on his long, skinny legs. Unfortunately he is not sold on these pants. I had to bribe him with chocolate to get these photos taken. (Please ignore his dirty feet– once I got him dressed he kept trying to untuck his shirt and take off the pants. No time for shoes!) When we were done he told me, “I’m on vacation from these pants!” Great! At least I have another shot at these getting worn when Andrew gets a little bigger.

Morocco pants back 1

I definitely recommend this pattern if you’re looking for some fashionable pants that your child may or may not wear. Ha! I would say the way I made these pants is an intermediate level due to the zip fly and optional welt pockets. But, in the final version there have been a few additions to the pattern. There is now an option for a faux fly, elastic waist pant, which would be great for a beginner. I think this pattern is a great chance to try some more challenging sewing skills, though. There’s a lot of opportunity to customize with really fun fabric choices, especially with the tuxedo stripe version. If I’m feeling lucky over the summer I want to try to make Luke a pair of shorts from this pattern. I may size up so he’s got the leg room he’s used to and just add the elastic back so that they don’t fall off of his skinny waist. Cross your fingers for me that he warms up to these!


ps– This pattern is currently being offered at a 20% discount to celebrate the release!

8 thoughts on “Petit A Petit and Family Morocco Pants

  1. Your cutie pie is a great model! Lovely trousers and they look so well tailored. Beautifully done! Great idea getting Gap fabric – that qulity fabric would coSt a lot more!


  2. I’m amazed you got him to model at all. My son Zach will only pose for action shots 😉 Love the contrast fabric and what a bargain you had for the main fabric. Such a shame he won’t wear them, maybe more bribery’s in order…


  3. These are so cute!! You did such a great job. Those back pockets are awesome! I love that Luke said he wants a vacation from these pants too – so funny! He looks so happy in the photos. Silly boys – they’d pretty much wear the same thing every single day if the could, wouldn’t they?


    1. Heather, it’s so true! He has these black track pants that he would wear everyday. Andrew wants to wear these pajamas that I made for Luke a few years ago. At least his preferred clothing is something I made!


      1. When my middle stepson was younger, he had these orange cargo pants that he never wanted to take off. Orange was his favourite colour and it was always a battle to get them in the laundry. Boys are funny!


  4. Awww… he looks so dapper in these pants! My son is just the opposite and likes to dress up. He refuses to wear anything resembling sweat pants unless he’s wearing them to bed. Crazy boy!


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