Notting Hill House Mini

Notting Hill mini

I have been doing a lot of pattern testing recently. I enjoy the process of getting to interact with pattern designers who I think are really cool, plus it’s fun to get my hands on new patterns before the release date. I had a new experience a while when I tested my first quilt pattern. I have been following the blog Ellis & Higgs for a while and I really admire the work that Nadra does.

Notting Hill mini top

She put out a call for testers for two new mini quilt patterns, the Notting Hill House mini and the Sugar Candies mini. I was excited to find out I was chosen and I got to test the Notting Hill House mini. I really love making mini quilts– they satisfy my urge to do piecing and quilting and are easily finished in a short period of time. (Unlike the quilt I’ve been working on for over two years now!)

Notting Hill mini bottom

This quilt was really fun to make. I started cutting my pieces one morning when Luke was at pre-school. Once the cutting was done I told myself, “I’ll just sew through step one now, then I’ll come back to it later.” I got so hooked sewing it that I was almost late to pick up Luke from school.  It is all easy shapes to piece and it goes really quickly.

Notting Hill mini back

The fabric I used is from a half yard bundle I got ages ago. I have used it for my other mini quilts and I wanted to use it for this project so it can hang with my other minis, too.  I am not sure my fabric choice for the bottom part of the house was the best– no one seems to be able to tell its a house without me telling them. I think that it’s really obvious from Nadra’s version and from the other testers versions. Oh well, can’t change it now! I’ve still got leftover fabric so I want to make up the Sugar Candies pattern next.

If you’re looking for a fun, quick, quilty project I’d recommend this pattern!



10 thoughts on “Notting Hill House Mini

  1. This is really cute! I love seeing your quilting projects. I checked out the other pattern testers’ versions too, and they are all adorable. There is something so precious about mini quilts. 🙂


    1. That is the real question, Heather! I’ve been hanging them on my “mini quilt wall.” But I am worried that my house is going to start looking like a home ec gallery soon. Maybe I can use them as placemats?


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