Inari Tee

Colorblock Inari 1 resized

Hi Everyone! I can hardly believe that we are in the last week of May! I was intending to do Me Made May weekly roundups on the blog, but I haven’t found the time to make that happen. I think I will do a recap of some sort at the end of the month, along with a check in to see how I am coming along with the goals I set for myself this year.

Inari Tee 2

I can tell you right away that one thing I’ve found to be missing from my handmade wardrobe was a basic black tee. I made this colorful Everyday skirt a while back and I constantly struggle with finding something to pair with it. I haven’t really been too sure that the cropped top style was my thing, but I felt like it’s what I needed to wear with this gathered skirt to keep my hips from looking more bulky than they already are.

Inari Tee Close

I’d been pondering the Inari tee dress for a while, since seeing lovely versions from Elena and Trine. These two ladies are so stylish, and I feel like my style is a lot more along the lines of “casual goofball.” I was a little nervous to try out the cocoon dress right away but I thought the cropped version could be the answer to my skirt-wearing dilemma.

Inari Tee Close side

I got the pattern from Indiesew and started to work. The Inari tee pattern is my first experience with Named Patterns. I knew that the PDF was going to be made up of various files, each with two sizes per file. What I wasn’t expecting is that the two sizes aren’t nested. They are printed staggered on the page. I figured I was going to have to grade out at the waist/hips based on my measurement and it was a little tricky with the way the files were set up. I was grading between the 10 and 12, which were in two separate files. I ended up printing both, cutting the smaller size, laying it over the larger size, and adding some width based on the larger size.

Inari Tee 1

Of course in the midst of all that I forgot that I wanted to add a few inches in length because I was scared of it being too short.  Which it was– at least for a person who has fairly recently been pregnant. I ended up adding a hem band to the bottom to make it a bit longer. I made it as wide as the bottom of the tee because I didn’t want it to pull in at the waist.

I really loved this top right away, but I decided that I probably should have gone down a size. The pattern is intended for wovens or for knits and my knit was 95% cotton, 5% spandex so it’s got lots of stretch. I decided to try going down a size and adding a few inches to the length to see how I liked the fit.

Colorblock Inari 3

I will spare you another long story about this other than to say that when I added length to my paper pattern I forgot to account for the 2″ of hem band that I added to the first version. I ended up taking the advice of the very talented Lauren Dahl, who suggested colorblocking it. (I love Instagram when you need to quickly solve a sewing problem!) I love how it turned out and I love the length this time around.

Colorblock Inari 4

I really like this pattern and now I’m quite intrigued to try the dress in a woven fabric. I also have plans to make another hip length knit version. I like how it’s boxy but not sloppy. The sleeve cuffs are a great detail and they’re a quick way to finish the sleeve. Hooray for no hemming!

Have you made any Named patterns before? I’ve got the Alexandria pegged trousers on my to do list and one day I’d love to try the Jamie Jeans.


Disclaimer: As part of the Indiesew blogger team I was provided with the Inari Tee pattern. All opinions are my own.


17 thoughts on “Inari Tee

  1. May did go by quickly! I love your colorblocked Inari- lovely! I agree: non-layered patterns are a pain- not ideal for those of us that don’t fit all in one size! I had this problem recently with a Style Arc pattern I downloaded: each size was a completely separate file!


    1. Oh, I’ve heard that about Style Arc, which is why I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make on of their patterns. Sometimes I have to grade between three sizes, which would be such a pain!


  2. Oh! I’ve been so tempted by this pattern. I keep seeing great dress length versions that look comfy but definitely not sloppy. And now your tops look so great too!


  3. I love the color-blocked version! Pink and gray are such a great color combination. I honestly don’t understand why Named doesn’t nest their patterns and only puts 2 sizes in each PDF. As you said, it makes it really difficult to grade between sizes, and I think almost everyone winds up grading their patterns to some extent! I dealt with this the same way as you did – I traced one size and overlaid it on the other, guessing where to match them up. Your tees came out great though, so I guess all’s well that ends well!

    BTW, I saw your feature over at Made by Rae the other day – congrats!!! What an honor and such great exposure. 🙂


    1. I have always loved pink and gray together, too! I was so glad to find a scrap of that gray jersey that was just the perfect size for what I needed. That Made By Rae feature was such an honor! Rae’s blog and patterns were really what motivated me to get back into garment sewing. Back then I never imagined I would be featured on her blog!


  4. Love how the color blocked tee came out! And now I feel reminded that I could really use a basic black tee. I’ve made a concerted effort to buy some solid color fabrics, but it’s hard when I have mega heart eyes for the prints! Oh well… your skirt looks great too!


    1. I’ve got those same heart eyes for the prints. I’m trying to make my wardrobe a little more cohesive with things that will mix and match better. We’ll see how that goes!


  5. Both of these look great and I adore your Everyday Skirt too! I have this tee pattern in my queue to try and it will be my first Named Pattern, so I’m happy to have your review. The pdf sounds interesting. I would really love to see those Alexandria Peg trousers on someone too, so hurry up and make them. 🙂 Also, I love your “casual goofball” style. LOL


    1. I figured that you, with your rainbow top stitched jeans, would appreciate casual goofball style! I am planning to do the Alexandria trousers soon. I just have to figure out what size to make and how to grade between sizes. It will be another adventure!


  6. Fantastic! The colorblocking is a perfect solution! Love it! I’ve actually never made any named patterns before… I should remedy that! I printed and taped the Jamie Jeans, but I got burnt out before tracing and adding the seam allowances. So much prep work!!!


    1. Thankfully this pattern did have the seam allowances so I didn’t have to go through adding them. I imagine there are quite a few pieces for the Jamie jeans, so having to add all those seam allowances will be quite a project!


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