Oliver + S Bubble Dress and Bloomers

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Hello! I’m back today with some more baby cuteness. I made some things for Caroline’s baptism and only just today managed to get some photos of her wearing her dress. She’s getting so big I was worried that she might be close to outgrowing everything before I got the pictures. When Luke was a baby it didn’t occur to me that I could sew his baptism garments and when it was Andrew’s turn he wore the same outfit that Luke had worn.

Bubble Dress back

I really wanted to make something sweet and simple for Caroline after I saw this adorable photo from Summer (@sevenpretty on Instagram. She is an amazing seamstress– if you don’t follow her you are really missing out!) I had already made a Geranium dress for Caroline and wanted to try something different. I have had the Oliver + S bubble dress in my pattern library for quite a while. I think I bought it when I was pregnant with Luke, just in case he was a girl. I made it once for my best friend’s daughter and I loved how it turned out.

Dress front

I made the size 0-3 for Caroline out of this white Brussels Washer linen/rayon blend. The dress is lined with a really lightweight voile. I didn’t want to take any chances on her diaper showing through the dress, so I also made her some matching bloomers. I used the bloomers pattern from the Oliver + S Tea Party dress and playsuit. This is also a size 0-3 and I think she’s too big for them now. Check out that tummy and those chubby legs!


These Oliver + S patterns are top notch, like all of the Oliver + S patterns that I’ve made. I really love the bubble hem on the dress and I can’t wait to make more of these for her. I think it will be super adorable when she gets up on her feet and start toddling around. That’s a long way off, thankfully. We are still working on her bobbling head and maybe rolling over one day!

Dress and Bonnet

She mostly wanted to eat her hands for all the pictures, but I finally got a big, gummy smile!

Dress and Bonnet smile

I also made her another bonnet using the free pattern and tutorial from Purl Soho. I adore how she looks wearing a bonnet.  I think she’s absolutely going to need one in a Liberty print for summer! Sewing for a baby girl is just so much fun!



12 thoughts on “Oliver + S Bubble Dress and Bloomers

  1. Beautiful photos Teri, she’s adorable, eating her hands and all 🙂 What a cute outfit, I wish I’d been sewing when mine were both Christened, a long time ago now though…


  2. Oh, her little gummy smile just brightened my day!!! And BONNETS. You know I have a major soft spot for a baby in a bonnet. What a beautiful christening outfit, Teri! A lovely heirloom to pass down, too.


    1. She really has! It’s exciting but also a little bit sad how quickly babies change. I am getting excited for the day when she can sit up on her own, though!


  3. You’ve made such a cute outfit! And such an adorable baby! It certainly is fun to sew for girls, especially before they get own ideas of what they want to wear! 😉


    1. I’ve learned that with my oldest son. My last two projects for him have been rejected. I just hope that my next son can wear them before he gets opinions about his clothing!


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