Ruby Dress and Rae Skirt

Ruby dress with cardigan

We had Caroline baptized a few weeks ago and I made her a sweet little baptism dress, which I will have to post about soon. I need to put her in it again and take some pictures before she grows out of it. I was trying to figure out what I would wear to the baptism and decided it was a great occasion for a new dress. I’d just come off of making my Ruby top and loved it so much that I figured I should make the dress version.

Ruby dress front

I’d had my eye on this pink polka dot rayon challis for a while and on the Sunday before her baptism I decided to finally order it. Of course the fabric didn’t come until Friday at 4pm and the baptism was scheduled for the next day at noon. The Ruby pattern is a pretty quick sew and I’d already made the top so I figured I could get it done that evening. It was very helpful that Andrew hadn’t taken a nap that day so he was going to be in bed by 7:15pm and Luke goes to bed at 7:30pm most nights.

Ruby dress back

I made the shell of the dress and tried it on before attaching the neck and sleeve bindings.  It was gaping horribly under the arms so I increased the seam allowances and finished the dress. When all was said and done I really didn’t love the dress as much as the top. I felt like the flowy fabric and the loose silhouette weren’t great on me. I can’t decide if I would have liked the dress version in a fabric with a little more structure, but I threw on a cardigan and wore it to the baptism anyway.

Rae skirt with cardigan

Rae skirt with cardigan side

Rae skirt with cardigan back

I decided afterwards that I wanted to refashion the dress into a skirt. I loved the fabric so much and wanted to make it into something that I would actually wear. I decided to try out the Sewaholic Rae skirt. I love the fact that this is a really simple skirt, but that it’s got some shape since it’s paneled.

Rae skirt front

Rae skirt side

The skirt was really easy and quick to make. I know this will get worn a lot since it can be dressed up a bit or just thrown on with a t-shirt. I think I’m going to try to make a cropped tee to go with it– probably the Seamwork Astoria since I already have it, but I do love the look of the new Deer and Doe Ondee Sweater. Have any of you made that one yet?




14 thoughts on “Ruby Dress and Rae Skirt

  1. The colour looks really pretty on you, I liked the dress with the cardigan, I think we tend to judge things as stand alone garments when often all they need is combining with something else!


    1. Helen, you are so right. I am sort of kicking myself that I didn’t shorten it into a top and just start from scratch for the skirt. Oh, well, live and learn.


  2. I like both! I thought the dress looked really nice especially with the cardigan, but I’m glad you were able to make something that you are more comfortable in and will wear more often. So the skirt is great too! That fabric is really lovely.


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