Tessuti Ruby Top

Ruby Top 1

After I made my two versions of the Tessuti Lisa pattern (top here and dress here) I decided to move on to the Ruby top and dress pattern. I had this Anna Maria Horner linen blend fabric in my stash for a while with no real idea of what to make from it. I thought the simple silhouette of the Ruby top would be perfect for this fabric.

Ruby Top Full

I decided to make a muslin because I was a little bit worried about the cutaway arm holes. I really didn’t want to make a top that required a strapless bra and I wasn’t sure exactly how much bra strap would show with this pattern. Well, it wasn’t just bra strap that was showing in my muslin. It was bra strap, bra cup, and bra band. I also had a little bit of gaping on the front of the armscye.

Ruby Top Side

I ended up raising the underarm by about 3/4 of an inch and widening the shoulders by 1/2 inch. I also did a little cut and overlap by about 1/4 inch on my flat pattern to remedy part that was gaping on the front of the armscye.

Ruby Top 2

I really like how the neck and arm bindings are done on this pattern. I’m used to cutting bias strips and turning the whole seam allowance to the inside, but this pattern has the bias pieces folded over the seam allowance and then stitched into place. The pattern calls for the bindings to be sewn on the outside of the garment, folded to the inside, and then stitched in the ditch from the front to tack the binding down. I read a few reviews that said it was hard to always catch the binding when doing the stitch in the ditch. I followed a few people’s recommendation and sewed the bindings on the inside of the top, flipped them to the outside, and then topstitched them in place. It like having the bindings visible, especially because they turned out sort of stripey with all the colors in this fabric.

Ruby Top 3

I tried to line up the butterflies (or are these moths?) on the side seams so that I would have the same colors in the same places on the front and back.

I love wearing this top. I like that the fabric has a little bit of structure and I am so glad that I finally made something from it. I feel a little bit like Teri and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Shirt, but that is ok with me. I’m obviously not one to shy away from color and prints!



14 thoughts on “Tessuti Ruby Top

  1. I think this is the perfect top to showcase that beautiful fabric and I love that you have visible arm bindings too. I’m glad that you go the fit worked out – it looks fabulous!


  2. I love this top 🙂 the fabric is perfect with that silhouette! That sounds like a sensible way to sew on the binding, I’m definitely going to try that next time. I never manage to catch my bias tape all the way around when I do it the other way!


  3. How did I miss this? It looks great on you!!! Great choice of fabric. Thanks for your honest review, too, I was considering the top but worried about the bra strap issue as well. You fixed it so elegantly here, I’d never know you altered the pattern.


    1. Thanks, Inder! I do really love the cutaway style so I’d love to eventually go back and just deal with the strapless bra, but this is a lot easier to wear day to day.


  4. I’ve admired so much of your sewing that I had to stop by and say thank you for all the inspiration. Your garments always fit so well! I’m loving this Ruby and contemplating getting the pattern or maybe altering my Wiksten to have the same effect.


    1. Thank you, Larissa! I think you could definitely get something similar by modifying the Wiksten tank (although this is a really nice pattern, too.) I’ve made one Wiksten and it doesn’t fit me correctly. I just went back to the pattern about two weeks ago and made some modifications. I am excited to finally have one that fits– just need to actually make it now!


  5. Hi Teri,
    I really love this top and the fabric you’ve used. I bought the pattern for the top myself but I’m having a problem that you mentioned. I have a little gape at the arm scye and I saw that you managed to remedy it using cut and overlap. I was wondering if you could explain how you did this as I’ve tried messing with my pattern but I don’t really know what I’m doing. I love the top and so want it to fit right!


    1. Hi Sarah! I had to go back and re-read this post because I’ve completely forgotten what I did! If you’ve made a muslin or a test version of this top I would suggest trying to pin out a little dart on the top where the gape is happening. That will give you an idea of how much you’d want to overlap the pattern to eliminate gaping on your final version. You can measure from either the shoulder seam or the side underarm seam to know where to put your slash. I hope that makes sense! I can dig out my pattern and send you a picture of what I did if that would help.


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