Tessuti Lisa Top and Me Made May ’15 Pledge

Lisa Top

Hi! I just signed up for Me Made May ’15.  Here is my pledge:

I, Teri Dodds of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavor to wear one me made item each day for the duration of May 2015.

I am excited to take part again this year even though my options are more limited than they were last year.  I am stepping up the workouts and trying to get back into some of the clothes I made last year. But in case that plan doesn’t work I am also sewing up as many new things as I can! In fact, I just finished another version of the Tessuti Lisa pattern– this time as a top!

Lisa top side

I am totally in love with this top. I copied this gorgeous top that I saw on Instagram. Recently, I ordered some white linen that I planned to use to make an outfit for Caroline to wear for her baptism and I ordered a little bit extra so I could make this top. The fabric I used is this Brussels Washer linen/rayon blend.

Lisa top close side

I made it the same way as my Lisa dress. (It’s a size medium graded to a large at the waist/hips.) I shortened the skirt by 11 inches (I think) and it was longer than I wanted so I did a deep 3″ hem. I’ve seen a fair amount of talk about deep hems on blogs recently and I wanted to get in on the action. I am not totally sure it was the right thing to do since this fabric is a bit sheer and I feel like the deep hem is quite visible. But I’m pretty sure I am not going to take the time to change it.

Lisa Top 3

I love wearing this top. It’s so light and floaty. So much so that we got a bunch of pictures where the skirt was blown up like a balloon in the wind. I have been layering it with a cardigan since the weather is still cool. I know this will get a ton of wear over the summer.

Lisa Top 1

I’m on a roll with Tessuti patterns. I just made my first Ruby top, which I’ll post about once I get some photos taken.

So who else is taking part in Me Made May ’15?



19 thoughts on “Tessuti Lisa Top and Me Made May ’15 Pledge

  1. This top looks so perfect for hot and humid summer weather… so breezy and light! The deep hem reminds me of color blocking and since it is white, I’d say you might be starting a new trend 😉 Looking forward to seeing your Me Mades next month!


    1. Thanks, Tracy! I don’t think I’ve ever been a trendsetter before. It actually does look like color blocking now that I think about it! I just saw someone’s color blocked Lisa dress on Instagram so maybe it is a new trend! 🙂


  2. A lovely, fresh looking top 🙂 I’ve pledged for an item a day too… Gulp! That’s a big step up from last year, but it really did force me to wear more of my makes, so I’m hoping it will give me the push I need.


    1. I bet in the last year you’ve made plenty of new things and it won’t be too hard to do an item a day. It’s so fun seeing what everyone put together– I’m really looking forward to it!

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  3. Love this! Definitely on my short list of tops to sew… the brussels rayon/linen seems like a great idea – I like a little drape in a gathered peplum.


    1. Thanks, Noelle! I do like the rayon blended in with the linen. I got this same fabric in black with a skirt in mind, but I may end up making another one of these tops!


  4. Oh my goodness – I really love this top version too! This pattern/style looks so good on you Teri!! I love the white linen with your jeans too – I’m sure you will wear it a ton!


  5. Teri, this top is adorable on you!!!! Wow, it came out just beautifully! The combination of a floaty drape and white fabric is perfect for summer. And I actually like the deep hem – it might give the peplum (is that the right word?) a little more heft and help it hang straight down. And you totally nailed the fit! Awesome all around. 🙂


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