Margot Pajamas and Hudson Pants

I’ve been sewing up a storm lately, since I know in a few short weeks my sewing time is going to be drastically reduced.  I am about 2 weeks from my due date and I am so excited to meet this little person!  I still haven’t packed my hospital bag– mostly because everything that I would pack is currently in use.  I did however just make two new things for myself to pack in my bag.


The first was a pair of Margot Pajamas from Tilly’s book, Love at First Stitch.  I really want to make every pattern that is included in this book.  I figured the pajamas would be a good place to start, especially since I’ve been wearing the same pair of pajamas over and over and over for the last few months.  I made these based off of my current hip measurement, but I wish I’d graded out one more size in the hips.  This pattern has a pretty straight leg and I’m used to my Tofino pants that have more of a hip curve.

Margot Pajamas hanging

I am hoping that it won’t be long before I lose some of the baby weight and these fit perfectly.  I used a quilting cotton that has been languishing in my stash for over a year now.  I bought it with the intention of using it for a dress, but it was too stiff/heavy.  It worked out well for pajama pants, though.  My only modification was to use elastic in the waist instead of a drawstring.


The second item I made was a new pair of Hudson Pants.  I really wore my black maternity Hudsons a lot, until my belly got to the point where it needed more support.  I am so excited to say goodbye to these full panel maternity pants that I’ve been wearing but I know nothing I own will fit for a while.  I may just rotate between my Hudson pants for a few months, but that is OK with me.  These were made from some navy interlock that I got at Joann fabrics.  I used a navy with green polka dot jersey for the pocket trim.  I didn’t do the topstitching on the waistband yet, since I want to be able to adjust the elastic if needed.

Hudson Selfie

This is a pretty terrible picture, but there are the Hudson pants in action and a shot of my 37 week belly!



17 thoughts on “Margot Pajamas and Hudson Pants

    1. Thanks! I was hoping to use the dots for the waistband, too, but I didn’t have enough fabric to do it. I love that little detail on these pants– it’s fun to be able to customize if you want to!


  1. Nothing like a deadline to get your sewing mojo on 🙂 Great job on both of these Teri. You’re looking really well. Make sure you get some time to relax over the next couple of weeks…


    1. Thanks, Teresa! It’s tempting to start something new right now, but I may force myself to stick with my embroidery projects for the moment. That will force me to sit down and relax a bit but still feel the tiniest but productive.

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  2. What cute pj fabric! and you are looking wonderful for 37 weeks! Thks for tip on the pj leg, I like mine loose around the hips as well. And it’s easy to just grade them out.


    1. Thanks, Coco! I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to to grade them out– I usually do it automatically. Next time I’ll give myself just a bit more breathing room.


  3. Looking good, Teri! I’m so excited for you and your family that the baby will be arriving soon. Best of luck in these next few weeks! I’m sure these comfy pants will be perfect to carry you through. You look great, hang in there!


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