Poolside Tote

Teri with Tote

After my fun experience making all the Snappy Manicure Wallets I was excited to try out another Noodlehead pattern.  I thought my next one would be the Envelope Clutch.  I bought the pattern a while ago but I haven’t gotten it made yet.  Then, I found out that Indiesew was going to start carrying some Noodlehead patterns and I decided I wanted to try one of the bags that was new to their shop.  (Indiesew has been adding a lot of great new PDF patterns to their site recently.  If you haven’t checked them out lately you should hop over for lots of great sewing inspiration!)  I could not decide whether to sew up the Poolside Tote or the Super Tote.  I kept thinking that the Super Tote would make a great diaper bag, but I don’t really need a new diaper bag…unless this baby is a girl, and then I absolutely need a new diaper bag and I need it to be pink.  I decided I would start with making the Poolside Tote, since we never really did have a bag large enough to carry all of our supplies when we went the splash park or to swimming lessons. 

Holding Tote

I was heavily inspired by the amazing bags that Chrissy from Sew Lux has made.  Her Amy Butler Weekend Bag is a thing of beauty.  (I have had that pattern for ages and maybe one day I will work up the nerve to try to make one that fantastic!)  I decided that, like Chrissy’s bag, I wanted the body of my bag to be quilted and I wanted a patchwork pocket to make it extra special.

Pocket Close Up

I really took my time making this bag and I’m so happy with how it turned out.  The body of the bag is made from Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Black.  I lined the bag with some black and white floral quilting cotton that I had in my stash.  I knew I wanted the bag to be pretty structured so I quilted on fusible fleece instead of just using interfacing for the main fabric.  I also used some heavy weight interfacing on the back of the lining fabric to give it extra heft.

Bag back

As usual for me, I did have a little brain malfunction when I made the pocket.  The pocket piece is cut so that the bottom 4 inches of the pocket end up being part of the bottom of the bag.  I wasn’t thinking about that and I made my pocket with the quilted block centered in the middle.  When I went to attach my pocket I realized that half of my quilted star was going to end up on the bottom of the bag.  I cut off as much of the background fabric as I could from the top of the pocket and lengthened the pocket piece under the star.  I ended up having to make my pocket a little taller than the pattern calls for, but now my whole quilted piece is visible on the side of the bag.

Bag lining

I think the method for attaching the lining to the bag is really genius.  Because of the small facing that is attached at the top there is nothing to flip inside out or hand sew like some bag patterns.  I also love that the facing gives an opportunity to have a little bit of contrast on the inside of the bag.

Teri with Tote 2

I can’t wait to use this bag when I’m not wearing a down coat and scarf!  I think I may be loading it up with baby things to bring to the hospital when the time comes.

I have had a great experience with Noodlehead patterns so far and I am excited for when I can get to the Super Tote or the Envelope Clutch.  The Poolside Tote pattern is available here on Indiesew.


I received this pattern free of charge from Indiesew, but all opinions are my own.

15 thoughts on “Poolside Tote

  1. I love it!!! The swoon square is genius! A perfect touch! And yes, the perfect size for lugging kid/baby things around, I bet you’ll get a ton of use out of this.


  2. Oh my goodness, this bag is gorgeous! I absolutely love the patchwork pocket – it’s such a special touch and really makes the bag your own. I love the colors you chose too – the green is a nice pop against the neutral background. Looking forward to seeing more of your Noodlehead bags! I still have to try one someday… 🙂


    1. If this pattern is an indication of the rest of the Noodlehead patterns I think you’ll enjoy sewing one. It’s fun to take a break from garment sewing and try something different. (Although, I am itching to get back to garments after being on a bit of a quilting binge lately!)


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