Seamwork Oslo Cardigan

Cardigan 1

I am sort of getting down to the wire with this pregnancy!  I am 34 weeks along, so theoretically I’ve got 6 weeks to go.  I am down to only about 4 or 5 shirts that I wear in constant rotation.  Two of them are my maternity Sutton blouse and my maternity Extraordinary Girl top.  I wish I would have made a few more of the Extraordinary Girl top but at this point I’ll just wear my current one whenever it’s clean.  I have been doing a lot of sewing for other people the last few weeks, and after making 4 Popover Ponchos (coming to the blog soon!) I decided that I wanted to make something for myself.  I decided on the Seamwork Oslo Cardigan, because I thought I’d get some use out of it now and then it would be perfect for lounging with a new baby.

Cardigan 3

I’d seen a couple of versions on Instagram but hadn’t heard a whole lot about how this pattern fits.  I decided to make a size medium based on my current bust and hip measurement.  Obviously it wasn’t going to fit my current waist (which I have no interest in measuring!) but I knew I’d be wearing it open so it wouldn’t matter.  I used jersey for my cardigan, since I had no luck finding a sweater knit I liked.  It seems like all of the sweater knits I found online have some percentage of polyester, which I don’t love.  I got this April Rhodes jersey on sale after Christmas and thought it would make a really cute cardigan.

Cardigan 2

I cut a straight medium and did my best to get the prints lined up at the side seam and the collar seam.  Of course, I didn’t realize that the body of the cardigan is hemmed at 1 inch and the collar has a 3/8″ hem.  I should have been smart enough to do my print matching at the notches instead of at the hem.  My collar band doesn’t match up at all, but at least it matches with itself across the front.  (This is why it’s a good idea to read the instructions before you cut and sew!  Lesson learned!)

Cardigan Close Up

I’ll have to see how it fits when I’m closer to my normal size again.  There is an option to add buttons to close it toward the bottom, which I might try if I make this again.  This was a really quick sew that I did entirely on my serger.  I switched over to the coverstitch function to do the hem and to do a double row of stitching all the way around the collar seam. I had to use my twin needle on my regular machine to topstitch the cuffs.  My coverstitch wasn’t interested in doing that part for some reason.  I gave up after about 3 tries because I didn’t want to rip a hole in the fabric.

When I first finished sewing this cardigan I wasn’t sold on it at all.  I felt like I’d wasted my precious Art Gallery knit fabric on something that ended up looking like the Dude’s bathrobe.  (Ok, while searching for a picture of the Dude’s bathrobe, I discovered that the Dude’s sweater is Pendelton.  Man, he has good/expensive taste!)  I posted a picture of myself in it on Instagram and got the wonderful advice to try belting it above my belly.  I think it looks a lot better that way!  This fabric is so soft and cozy and the cardigan is really comfortable.  I know I will wear it a lot, even if it’s only worn around the house.  (I know a non-sewist probably wouldn’t notice the pattern matching fail, but it’s all I see when I look at this cardigan.)  I have plans to make a pair of navy Hudson pants to go with it for the ultimate lounging outfit/secret pajamas.

Has anyone else made anything from Seamwork magazine?  I am going to try the leggings from this month’s issue at some point.  I think they’re really cute!




18 thoughts on “Seamwork Oslo Cardigan

  1. I actually like how the pattern is staggered at the collar band, i thought it was intentional! It looks lovely and comfortable. I made an Oslo up last weekend out of some coral coloured merino I’ve been hoarding, and I really hated it on me! I was gutted to lose the fabric, but I gave it to my mum and it looks lovely on her, so all turned out ok 🙂


    1. Oh, I would be so sad to have made it up in merino and been unhappy with it. I’m glad your mom liked it though! I may eventually shorten it a bit– I can’t decide if I’d like it better if it was a few inches shorter.


    1. Thank you, Fiona! I think the Art Gallery knits would probably be good for leggings– they’ve got good stretch but they might be a little thin. Probably better for little girl leggings than for adult leggings.


  2. I think your cardigan turned out cute! I’m sure you’ll be happy to have it for post-baby lounging, too. I am planning to make the Oslo at some point, too, although it’s not really seasonal for me here in Bangkok.


  3. I really like it Teri, and it will be perfect for lounging around with baby when he/she comes along. It looks so comfy!
    If you really can’t live with the pattern matching, you could just cut off the shawl collar and add a new collar in a contrasting colour, like white or navy or mustard and that would probably look really nice. Maybe navy to match your Hudsons!
    Who knew the Dude had such good taste?


    1. Thanks, Heather! I did actually think about changing the collar. I am going to wait to see how I feel in a few months and then re-evaluate. For now I’ll just try to see it as a design element.


  4. I have been lucky so far this pregnancy and only started growing out of my clothes now at 22 weeks along. I love the cardi it’s one that will look great post partum as well


  5. Teri, it looks great on you! And I’m sure it will be so comfy for after the baby arrives. I have the Oslo pattern, too. You’ve inspired me to start one.


  6. Great to see this made up, I’ve only seen one other so far! Lovely print, and the tie works just perfectly with your baby bump 🙂 I’ve already purchased some fabric and might just try making this up on my Overlocker, gulp!


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