My Sewing Highlights of 2014

Top 5 2014 #sewingtop5

I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the Top 5 lists that I’ve seen on other blogs.  I decided that with 2 days left in the year I should get going on making my list!  I’ve kept a running list of all of the sewing projects that I’ve completed this year and so far I’ve finished 114 items.  Some have been quite small, but they still count as a finished item, right?  But others have been bigger, used new sewing skills, and I’m really proud of the results.

I’ll start with my top 5 hits–

1. Tana Lawn Josephine Top— I hoarded this fabric for quite a while and finally decided to use it on one of my tried and true patterns.  I’m so glad I did!  I wore this top quite a bit until (like everything in my closet) it stopped fitting.  I can’t wait to get into this top again!

Josephine 2

2.  Feather Raglan– I never blogged about this top because it’s not the most beautiful thing, but I really wore it a lot! I rubbed off a Gap sweatshirt and used leftover fabrics to make it. Since I made this top I also made a Lane raglan and I love the fabric I used for the Lane.  Unfortunately it only fit me for about 5 minutes due to my pregnancy so I have no idea if I would have loved it as much as my feather raglan.  This coming year should be a better indication!

Day 15

3.  Bird Print Party Dress—  I love the circle skirt of this dress.  I wore this so much in the early part of last year and into the Spring.  It’s so comfortable and I feel great in it.  I have used this pattern to make two peplum tops, which I also wear a lot.  I am looking forward to making this dress again with a lengthened hem in the front so that I can wear it without leggings.

Party Dress

4. Hudson Pants– I made two pairs of these pants for me, one when I was early in my first trimester of pregnancy and one when those got too small in the waist.  I wear my maternity pair constantly (I’m wearing them now!) and I can’t wait to make a woven pair after baby comes.  I have fabric standing by for those.  I’ve also made one pair of mini Hudsons for Luke and I am planning to make a pair for Andrew soon.

5. Extraordinary Girl Maternity Top— I was hesitant to use this nice fabric on a maternity top, but I think I will be able to refashion it after baby comes.  I wear this top A LOT.  It’s so swingy and comfortable and one of the few things that is still fitting me well at this point in my pregnancy.  (If I hadn’t been pregnant this slot would have gone to my Chambray Scout tee or my Polka Dotted Josephine hack, both of which I love and wore quite a lot.)

Exord Side Belly 2

Top 5 Misses–

1. Iris Shorts— I made two of these and neither one fits correctly.  I like the pattern, but need to do some more fitting work.

2. Chevron Plantain Tee (unblogged)– I love the fit of this shirt, but the miss here is my fabric choice.  This knit has very little stretch.  I made it when I was just starting to work with knits and really didn’t know what knits I liked to work with/wear.  Also, I really don’t like chevrons so I barely wear this.

Day 16

3.  The pockets on my Pavot Jacket— I wouldn’t count this jacket as a miss.  I really love the style and the fabric I used.  I just can’t stand the pocket placement.  I made a second one for a friend and on hers I added welt pockets that are positioned more toward the front of the jacket.  If I make this again (a short version is on my wish list) I would do the welt pockets again.

Pavot side

4. Floral Sorbetto Top— This was my second Sorbetto and I thought I’d learned a few things that would improve the fit.  But this one fits worse than my first.  I think I’m going to crop it and see if that helps with the fabric pooling in the back.

Sorbetto back 2

5. The sleeves on my Malvarosa dress—  I didn’t know about forward shoulder adjustments when I made this dress.  I think I really needed one and I think I would just eliminate the cap sleeve and make it a tank next time.  Otherwise I love this dress.

Malvarosa 3.1

My top 5 Highlights of the Year (Sewing and Non-Sewing, in no particular order)–

1. Really building my handmade wardrobe.  As much as I don’t love doing it, when I do a marathon cutting session it ensures that I can pretty much always sit down at my machine (even if I only have 5 minutes) and work on something.  I am amazed as I look back at my list of finished objects for the year and I see how many garments are in my wardrobe that I love, that fit well, and that I made!

2. Working on sewing skillfully.  My Alder dress was the first collar stand I’d done in ages, possibly ever.  (I know I sewed some button down shirts in high school but I can’t remember how the collars were constructed on those.)  I did another collar stand on Luke’s Ethan shirt, as well as tower plackets on the cuffs.  I made my first welt pockets this year and they aren’t quite as scary as I imagined.  I made Thurlow shorts with a zip fly.  I am excited to make more projects with these skills and continue to learn new sewing skills.

3.  Getting Luke potty trained.  Oh man, what a game changer.  I didn’t mind having two kids in diapers until I only had one in diapers and realized how great it was.  Big thanks to my mom for her help with this project.  Here’s hoping that we can get Andrew potty trained in the Spring/Summer of 2015!

4.  My current ongoing creation– baby #3!  This has been a really challenging pregnancy for me mentally and physically.  Being pregnant over age 40 isn’t easy!  I am so excited to meet this little person and especially excited to see if I’ll ever be able to sew little dresses for my own child or if I’ll be continuing to make boy clothes for my kids.

5. Taking part in Me Made May and One Week One Pattern.  Me Made May definitely pointed out some gaps in my handmade wardrobe– mostly that I need more shorts/pants/jeans that I’ve made.  It was great fun to follow along with everyone on instagram and see other sewists handmade wardrobes.  One Week One Pattern was fun– I got to wear all of my Washi dresses/tunics and even made a new one that week.  I was ready to go back to wearing knits and just other styles in general once the week was over, though.

Top 5 Goals–

1. Finally make myself an Archer button up.  The only thing stopping me here is that I need to make a muslin.  I should really get one started now for if/when I get back to my regular size so I can have it ready and waiting for any tweaks that need to be made.  I have a few fabrics set aside for Archers when I finally get the muslin made.

2.  Ginger Jeans!  I am really excited about this pattern.  I just ordered denim to make two pairs.  The first will be the muslin (I hope it will be a wearable muslin!)  I have loved seeing other sewists make these and I can’t wait to attempt mine.

3.  Work on sewing my stash.  I have a bunch of fabrics that I’ve gotten in the second half of this year but I haven’t wanted to “waste” them on maternity clothes.  I need to use these fabrics for my projects before buying new fabrics.

4.  Be very intentional about the fabrics I buy.  I am always lured in by the pretty prints on quilting cottons, but they aren’t right for a lot of apparel sewing.  I don’t really have a source for good apparel fabrics where I live and quilting cottons are a lot easier to find.  But I want to be using fabrics that are right for the patterns I’m making to ensure that I’ll wear them and love them.

5.  Continue to learn about fitting adjustments.  I’ve learned a lot this past year but there’s always something more to learn!



22 thoughts on “My Sewing Highlights of 2014

    1. Thanks, Fiona! I expect that my sewing will be much slower this coming year, which is fine since my closet is pretty full. This coming year I need to purge the ready to wear garments that I dont wear anymore.


  1. What a lovely post! 114 items in a year is very impressive well done! I love your maternity top and the feather raglan. I’m also drawn to patterned fabric which isn’t always easy to combine with other patterned fabric, haha! Happy New Year!


    1. I totally agree with the pattern combining problem– thats why I need to make some basic bottoms this coming year. I dont have to many full me made outfits and I want to change that!


  2. Wow, what an epic and awesome post! I’m amazed that you made so many garments this year, but I’m not surprised because I see how frequently you post all your lovely creations on this blog. 🙂 I’m glad you’ve been learning so many new skills too. That’s something I definitely want to work on more in the new year. I’ve really enjoyed following you this year and am so glad I found your blog. Best wishes for the new year!


    1. Carolyn, you were a huge inspiration in finally conquering thise welt pockets! I’m really glad that you found my blog, too. I’ve loved reading your blog and you’ve really motivated me to think about my wardrobe in a more cohesive manner this year. Thanks for being a loyal reader and commenter! Happy New Year!


  3. Loved reading this! I’m fairly new to sewing, about a year of slow sewing, and have learnt SO much from blog reading : ) Happy New Year and all the best with baby 3! Jen


    1. Thanks, Jen! I’ve learned so much from other blogs in my sewing journey this year. I hope you’re enjoying your new hobby and continue to learn more in the coming year! Happy New Year!


  4. Great lists! You’ve made some awesome garments this year Teri! I love that bird dress too! I’m sorry your pregnancy has been rough, but it’s almost over right? And I’m crossing my fingers that you get to sew some cute little dresses soon!
    I can’t wait to see your Gingers and your Archers. It took me forever to get around to making an Archer for the same reason (I didn’t want to muslin), but I am so glad I did – and now I have a TNT because of it.
    Hope 2015 is a good year for you too! Happy New Year!


    1. Thanks, Heather! I am going to get that Archer muslin done (if I ever get any muslin– that’s probably my main hold up now!) because I know it would be a TNT pattern for me, too. And yes, only 8 weeks or so left in the pregnancy. It still feels like forever, but it should go by quickly. Happy New Year!


  5. Oh dear – you’ve just reminded me that making an Archer was one of my goals for 2014, and I totally haven’t. Oh well. Ooops!
    I”m so impressed that you’ve made so many beautiful things all while pregnant and running after two little boys! Wowza! I hope 2015 brings you lots of good things in life! 🙂


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