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Kite Wall Hanging and Advent Calendar

Kite Full View

One of my favorite little girls had her second birthday at the end of November.  I love to give handmade gifts whenever I can and I’d seen some really fun free patterns/tutorials available on various blogs recently.  I settled on trying out this tutorial for a kite wall hanging from Ann Kelle’s website and making an advent calendar using this tutorial from Amy of Nana Company.

Kite 2

The kite was really simple and really fun to make.  I was so happy to be able to use some of my pink fabric scraps.  (Making gifts for little girls is such a treat for me!  I love to sew for my boys, but oh, what fun it would be to be able to sew little dresses!)

Kite 2

I love how there are little pockets on a few of the squares on the front of the kite so she can put her treasures in them.  I did straight line quilting, being careful not to sew the pockets closed.  After I had it quilted and cut into a kite shape, I added some little pockets on each of the four corners where dowels can be inserted for hanging.  The kite tail is just three strips of fabric braided together and hand sewn to the bottom of the kite.

Advent Calendar 1

I bought a pattern to make a quilted advent calendar 3 or 4 years ago and I still haven’t managed to make it.  When Amy posted the tutorial for this one on her blog I was really excited.  I thought hers was so pretty and it looked simple enough that I could get it finished pretty quickly.  I really love the fabrics that Amy used for her advent calendar but I had nothing in my stash that would replicate hers.  (I think if I could pick a quilter’s fabric stash to steal it would be hers… I am not sure whose stash I would steal for apparel sewing, though.)    I decided to go with a traditional red and green color scheme with some brown accents.

It's the most wonderful time embroidery close up

It really enjoyed doing all of the embroidery and applique on this.  I used heat n bond to secure the appliques and then hand stitched around the borders of the shapes.   After I had done the embroidery at the top and embroidered all of the numbers I started cutting out all of the little shapes to applique and they seemed so small.  I went back into the tutorial and realized that I’d printed the template out in the wrong orientation.  I printed it portrait and I think it was designed to be printed landscape so everything is a bit bigger.  I reprinted so I would have larger templates for the appliques.  I am making a second version for us to keep.  (At this point I’m hoping it will be done in time for Christmas and we can actually use it next year.)  I used the larger template for the embroidery once I realized my mistake.

Applique Close Up

I loved how both projects turned out.  I was happy to hear that our little friend liked her birthday gifts!




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