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Mini Hudson Pants


I was really excited when Kelli from True Bias asked me to be a tester for her first kids pattern, the Mini Hudson Pant.  I love my two pairs of Hudsons and I thought they would be super cute on my two little guys.  Kelli needed a tester for the size 5T so I made my first pair of Mini Hudsons for Luke. 


I had so much fun sewing these.  I felt like I’d gone through a shrink ray with the tiny pieces that looked exactly like the women’s version.  I was a little nervous after I’d cut them that they might end up too short for Luke’s long legs, but I think they fit perfectly.   The only changes that Kelli made from the tester pattern to the final version was to add some length to sizes 6-10.  These size 5T pants are the same as the final pattern version.  I chose not to add the drawstring because I had a feeling it would never be tied or Luke would just pull it out.

I asked him to turn around and he posed like I was going to frisk him!
I asked him to turn around and he posed like I was going to frisk him!

I used some leftover Laguna Jersey in heather gray (used here on the sleeves of my Lane raglan tee) for the pants and leftover Tomahawk stripe for the pocket detail, waistband, and cuffs.  When I make these again for Luke I will definitely use a heavier weight knit.  He is constantly crawling around on the floor playing with his trains and two pairs of his pants have worn through at the knees.  This knit is fairly lightweight so it will probably suffer the same fate eventually.  Actually, I should put some knee pads on the next pair to help reinforce them!

I love that I was able to make these pants out of fabric scraps.  I need to dig through my scrap bin and see if I have enough of anything on hand to make a pair for Andrew.  I really love these pants on Luke (and he likes them, too, which is a bonus!)  I definitely recommend this pattern — it was really fun to sew and I am very happy with the results!



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