Sew Fab Sale // Extraordinary Girl Top

Exord Side

I got two really fun e-mails on the same day in mid-November.  Kelli from True Bias contacted me to ask if I’d be a tester for her Mini Hudson pant pattern.  Jenny from The Southern Institute also e-mailed me to ask if I’d like to participate in a blog hop featuring patterns from the Sew Fab Pattern Sale Winter Women’s bundle.  I was really excited about both opportunities, but of course I had to figure out if the Sew Fab pattern bundle had anything that could be modified for maternity wear.  Jenny assured me that there were some patterns that I should be able to modify and that there was a bag option as well.

Winter 2014 Sale Large Collage

So I jumped at the chance to do both.  I’ll be sharing Luke’s Mini Hudsons soon and today I’m going to show you the first of two items I made from the Sew Fab Sale.  This is a really great pattern bundle that features 10 brand new women’s patterns for $29.95.  I love that the patterns are all new.  I’ve been interested in a few other pattern bundles that have come out recently but I almost always have one or more of the patterns that are included.  (Yes, I’m a bit of a pattern junkie!)

Extraordinary Girl Full

I had already modified a Straight Stitch Designs pattern into a maternity shirt so at first I thought I’d try to modify the Capitol Hill top.   But the more I looked at the Extraordinary Girl top the more I was drawn to it.  I love the lapped shoulder detail and the fact that it could be customized with contrasting yoke fabric.  I searched high and low in my stash but came up empty handed for two knits that would work together for this top.  I ended up doing some top stitching on my yoke seams to add some interest.

Exord Close Up

I love how this top turned out.  I cut between a size M and L for the upper part of the shirt.  (Non-pregnant I would be fine with a medium.)  Then I took my favorite maternity sweater and traced from the underarms to the hem to get the flowy shape.  It fits perfectly and I’ve been wearing it a lot.  At this stage of pregnancy, (finally 3rd trimester!!) I don’t want anything constricting.  I love the fabric I used, too.  It’s this Art Gallery knit and it’s so soft and cozy.  I think I should be able to take this in down the side seams after the baby comes and continue to wear it.  I will definitely be making this pattern again after baby.

You can check out the Sew Fab pattern bundle here!   (The details about each pattern and size charts are listed here.)  The bundle is available until December 15.   I’ll be back soon with photos of my second project from the bundle!


p.s.  These patterns were provided to me free of charge but all opinions are my own.


16 thoughts on “Sew Fab Sale // Extraordinary Girl Top

    1. Oh, then we are in the same boat! The clothes from my first two pregnancies are old and also for Summer babies. I was resisting spending money on maternity clothes this time around but I am so glad I caved. I’ve probably worn this shirt 10 times since I made it!


  1. OK, that is an adorable shirt, maternity or otherwise. I also love that you always tell us which size(s) you made since I am also wider at the hips and am not always one straight size from top to bottom.


  2. Thanks, Dagny! I am the same way– wider through the hips and I almost always have to grade to a larger size on the bottom. I have always found it helpful to know what sizes people are sewing so I like to include that information, too.


  3. Lookin’ good, mama! I love this style of flowing top for maternity wear. Loving all of the great stuff you’re sewing for yourself this pregnancy! Sometimes it’s hard to rationalize spending money and time on items you’ll only wear for a few months, so I know why a lot of sewists don’t sew maternity stuff, but I really enjoyed it when I was expecting Maggie. Like the poster above said – most of us don’t have a lot of maternity clothes, and you tend to get so freaking TIRED of the selection at some point. Well done!


    1. Thanks, Inder! I am down to only a few pairs of pants that fit at this point. I’m really tired of those and may have to go get a few more pairs to get by. I haven’t figured out how to make the full panel pants and those are what I prefer for the end of the pregnancy. But at least I’ve mastered the flowy maternity top!


  4. Another great top, Teri! I love your creativity in turning various patterns into maternity wear. I’ve been meaning to try some of the lovely Art Gallery knits I’ve been seeing lately – they seem really well-made, and there are so many great prints! I love the neutrals in this fabric. Hopefully it will go with everything and keep you going over the next 3 months. You look great! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Carolyn! I think you’d like these knits– they’re really soft and comfortable. I’ve been wearing this top a lot and the fabric still looks great after lots of washes, too.


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