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Pirate Bunting


Welcome to the second installment of Operation Pirate bedroom!  My boys are currently in two separate bedrooms, but once the new baby comes and is out of the basinette he or she will be kicking Andrew out of his room.  We are planning to get bunk beds for Luke and Andrew and I am working on getting some projects done for their room.  I shared Andrew’s pirate quilt on Monday.  This is a really simple bunting that I made a while ago.


It hangs over the top of Luke’s bed right now.  I can’t quite remember if I used a tutorial for this– they are all over the place on blogs.  I fussy cut the triangles out of some fat quarters and leftover fabric I had in my stash.  I cut backing triangles out of muslin, sewed them together, and turned them inside out.  Once I gave them a good press I sandwiched them between the layers of packaged bias tape.  It was really quick and is a great way to showcase fun fabric.


I’ll be back later in the week with the final completed pirate project!



6 thoughts on “Pirate Bunting

  1. Oo this is so cool! I’ve only see bunting made out of paper…but doing it out of fabric would be awesome so you can keep it and move it around. A holiday bunting would be awesome!


  2. This is really cute! I can imagine these flags hanging from the mast of a pirate ship… 🙂 My 2 nephews shared a room with bunk beds for years when they were younger and loved it – hope your boys enjoy it too!


    1. Thanks, Carolyn! I hope that they’ll love it, too. My younger one is still in the crib so moving to a “big boy bed” that is a bunk bed in a different room is going to be a major change for him. I think he’ll love being in with his big brother. I just hope that Luke will adjust to having an invader in his room!


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