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Mini Quilts

Mini Quilts

I have been on a bit of a quilting kick lately.  I just finished a quilt with fabric I bought right after Andrew was born (2 and a quarter years ago) and I will post about it once I get some photos taken.  I also finished the quilt top of this mini medallion quilt from a free pattern by Chrissy from Sew Lux.  I need to quilt it and bind it, which I am hoping to do soon.  I had some fabric scraps left over from my mini medallion quilt and I wanted to make some mini quilts with them.  I have been totally inspired by Camille Roskelley and her ever growing wall of mini quilts (see the last photo in this post.)  I bought her Swoon mini pattern a while ago and finally got around to using it. 

Orange Swoon Block

I loved making the Swoon blocks.  They were really fun to piece.  I find I struggle with accuracy in my piecing.  Some of the points ended up a little blunted on the ends, but I still think they’re really cute.  I used a light floral patterned fabric for the middle part of the blocks and that fabric sort of blends in to the cream background fabric.  Something a little darker might have been better, or maybe I should have switched the two main fabrics so that the floral could have been on the larger pieces?  It’s obviously too late to make any changes now, but I want to make this pattern again.  Next time I will definitely chose two fabrics that stand out more from the background fabric.

Purple Swoon Block

The third mini quilt I made is the Color My Heart pattern from Fat Quarter Shop.  It’s a free pattern and I’d seen a bunch of cute versions of it on Instagram.  I made my version smaller than the pattern– I cut 2.5″ squares instead of 5″ squares so it would be a really mini quilt.  This one was super easy and quick once the cutting was done.

Color My Heart

I quilted all three of these with straight lines using my walking foot.  Straight lines are definitely my preferred way to quilt.  I struggle with doing free motion type quilting– on small things I do OK with it, but I just like how the straight lines look.  I sewed the binding by machine since I knew these were going to go on a wall.  I made little triangle pockets on the back corners of the quilts and inserted dowels into the pockets.  The upper dowel sits on a nail and the lower dowel is just to keep the bottoms from curling up at the corners.

Mini Quilt BAck

Once I finished I really struggled finding a place to hang them!  I tried various places in the house and they all looked weird.  I finally settled on hanging them on the wall by our stairs.  Of course they are now within reach of little fingers but so far no one has bothered them.  I think I have enough of this fabric to make another mini quilt or two, so I may add to the display over time.

Mini Quilts Stairs

I think I am hooked on mini quilts– they are a fun change of pace.  Hopefully it won’t be too crazy to have minis in every room of the house… I can absolutely see that happening!



6 thoughts on “Mini Quilts

  1. Teri, these are so cute! Quilting can be really fun and creative, and doing it on this scale must be so quick and satisfying. I can’t wait to see the full-size quilt you finished! I remember your in-progress pictures from a few weeks (months?) ago and have been waiting impatiently to see the final result. 🙂

    I love the idea of a wall of mini quilts! I have some embroidery pieces hanging in my apartment that I’d like to turn into a full wall one day. For now, it just occupies a closet door, LOL.


    1. Carolyn, I will try to get photos of the full sized quilt this week! I am so happy with it. I want to take it outside to photograph but the darn snow/cold has kept me inside. The second one from that post is a quilting disaster so it may be a while before I finish it.

      I would love to have an embroidery wall, too. I have a bunch of finished embroideries that are just hanging out in a bin, which is ridiculous. Even a closet door would be better than where they are now!


  2. These mini quilts are lovely, I especially like the heart one. I’ve never done any quilting, but would really like to give it a go one day. Your idea for the dowels is very timely as I’m making a fabric advent calendar and had been pondering how to hang it, thanks for the tip!


  3. These look fantastic! I really want to make mini quilts now too! I think that where you hung them looks great and even if they do get knocked over, they’ll survive! Thanks for showing how you hung them too – great idea!


    1. Thanks, Heather! Mini quilts are addictive! I may have to switch to quilted placemats so my house isn’t overrun with quilts on the walls. But I do have a few more I plan to make eventually!


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