True Bias Maternity Sutton Blouse

Sutton 2

A couple of new sewing patterns have come out recently that I am super excited to sew.  One is the Sailor top from Fancy Tiger Crafts.  This top is totally my style and I love that red and white version that’s pictured.  The other pattern is the True Bias Sutton Blouse.  This top is not my usual style, but I really like it.  I love Kelli’s style, I love her Hudson Pant pattern, and all of the Suttons that I’ve seen on blogs/Instagram have looked really great.  I don’t know that I can modify the Sailor top to be a maternity shirt, but I figured I could try it with the Sutton Blouse. 

Sutton 3

I started out by modifying the pattern pieces similar to what I did with my Ballard top.  Right under the bust I graded out in sort of an S curve on the front and back pattern pieces.  I also followed the full back Scout tee tutorial from Grainline Studio to slash and spread the front pieces.  It turned out to be too big (I was worried about looking like Mrs Roper!) so I ended up removing the curve from the back piece and reducing the curve a little bit on my front pieces.

I love how light and floaty this top is.  It’s voluminous but the fabric is drapey so I feel like it just skims over my belly.  I made a size 10 on the top and I think I could have probably gone down a size.  The kimono sleeves are nice and loose but if I raise my arms you can see the sides of my bra.  I could go back and increase the seam allowance to close them up a little, but most likely I will just try not to raise my arms too much when I’m wearing this.

Sutton back

The pattern is designed to have a slit at the sides and the back of the shirt is longer than the front.  I modified mine to be the same length front and back with no side slits.  I was able to do all french seams, which I love.  It’s so nice to have no exposed seams on the inside.

Here's a closeup of the neck detail.  I tried to get the pattern matched on the front seam but didn't quite get it right.
Here’s a closeup of the neck detail. I tried to get the pattern matched on the front seam but didn’t quite get it right.

I really like how this shirt came together and I am looking forward to making it again after baby.  I love how it looks with skinny jeans and I’ve seen it dressed up with pencil skirts, too.  It seems like a versatile top that will look great dressed up or down.



9 thoughts on “True Bias Maternity Sutton Blouse

    1. Thanks, Helen! I have one or two more patterns that I may try to modify for maternity wear. It feels really strange to not be sewing a lot for myself but I have a list of non-garmet projects that I have been wanting to tackle. Those will probably keep me busy for the next few months!


  1. Oooh, very cute! I really like this. I think you and I must have similar tastes in maternity clothes – I loved flowing tops when I was pregnant. Done in a drapey fabric, they can be quite flattering and I couldn’t stand anything tight or itchy or hot. This is gorgeous and I actually imagine you’ll be able to wear this with skinny jeans during that awkward immediate postpartum time. With a nursing tank it would make a nice nursing top too.


  2. I agree, this floaty style looks great for maternity wear! The print-matching on the front came out really well too – no one will ever notice that the medallion is just so slightly off at the top. The print reads as continuous in your top photo. 🙂 That’s too bad about the deep armholes, but I wonder if this is just a feature of kimono sleeves?


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