Black Hudson Pant


I did some more maternity sewing– this time I made True Bias’ Hudson Pant.  I love my original pair but I was just a tiny bit pregnant when I made them and the elastic now cuts off my circulation.  I seem to have gotten rid of all but two pairs of pajama/lounge/workout pants that fit me while pregnant so this was a definite gap in my maternity wardrobe. 


I used some black interlock that I got at Joann Fabrics.  It’s pretty stretchy but my previous pair was cotton/spandex, while this fabric is cotton/poly.  Right off the bat I figured I should give myself a little more room to account for the difference in fabric (not to mention the difference in my size since making my first pair!)  I hadn’t traced the pattern my first time around, I just cut the pattern to the size I was making.  So this time I just added about half an inch to the outside seam allowance and hoped for the best.  I also graded up in the waist.  I kicked around using 3″ elastic for a little more belly support instead of 2″ but in the end I went with the 2″, which is what the pattern calls for.

Thankfully my modifications worked and with a longer piece of elastic in the waist I think they fit well.  The fabric is really soft and comfortable and I’ve still got some room to grow.  I’ve been wearing them a lot since I made them– this is really a great pattern and I can’t wait to make a woven pair after the baby comes.


I did make one other modification, which was to use a woven fabric instead of a knit for the pocket facing.  I had seen a different blogger do this and thought it was a great idea.   I wanted basic black pants, but I also wanted something that would keep them from being 100% black.  I used a scrap of some black and white bird fabric (used here and here) to spice up the pockets a little bit.  I cut the pocket facing piece on the bias so it would have some stretch.  I love how it turned out!  I also decided not to sew the channels on the waistband.  I wanted to be able to shorten the elastic later (if I haven’t worn holes into these by the time the baby comes!)  I did make the buttonholes on the center front of the waistband so I can add the drawstring later, too.

This is totally not related to sewing, but I made this carrot souffle recipe over the weekend and it was soooo good.  I really wanted it to just be mediocre since it required me to dirty almost every dish in my kitchen but I thought it was delicious.  It’s not something I’ll be making frequently (unless I can find a house elf to clean up after me!) but I’ll probably make it again for Thanksgiving or Christmas.



14 thoughts on “Black Hudson Pant

    1. I love adding little extra fun touches to my hand made clothes. It makes me so happy, even if it’s something that’s on the inside that no one but me would see. It’s one of the great parts of sewing my own clothes!

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  1. So cute and practical! This is the sort of thing I would have lived in while pregnant, but slouchy stretch pants weren’t the rage 2 years ago! The pocket detail is adorable – I love seeing these little touches on handmade clothing.


    1. Inder, most of my maternity clothes are 5 years old from when I was pregnant with Luke. It’s crazy how much styles change in that amount of time. I’m so glad I could sew something more updated.


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