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Sheriff Woody Costume // Kids Clothes Week


This is the first year where Luke had an opinion about what he wanted to be for Halloween.  He decided that he wanted to be Sheriff Woody from Toy Story, which I was excited about because Woody’s outfit is pretty basic.  He wears a yellow window-pane plaid shirt, a red bandana, a cow print vest, and jeans.  I have had the Art Museum vest pattern for a while and had never gotten around to making it.  The only thing I didn’t have was a pattern for a boy’s button down shirt.

Woody 3

I looked around online for a bit and found the Ethan shirt from Sis Boom Patterns.  It looked like the perfect shirt, plus I love that it comes in a really large range of sizes.  I took the boys on a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby where we found the cow print fabric and the yellow printed fabric.  It was the closest thing I could find to Woody’s plaid.  When I got it home and looked at the selvage I realized it is actually the yellow brick road from The Wizard of Oz!  It wasn’t the best quality fabric and I had some problems with it getting stretched out while I was making the shirt, but I think that it makes a great Halloween costume shirt.

Woody 2

I had the Art Museum pattern in the smaller size range, which only goes up to a size 4.  I traced that off, sewed it up, and it fits Andrew pretty perfectly.  (He is also going to be Woody for Halloween, but I’m taking the easy way out with him and just buying a yellow t-shirt to go under his vest.)  I graded the pattern up a bit in width and around an inch and a half in length and made another one for Luke.  I loved sewing this pattern.  I did leave off the welt pockets and the back belt (which are what really makes this pattern special) since I didn’t want to put all the extra effort into a vest made from cow print fabric.  I really want to go back and make the vest with all the bells and whistles– maybe as Christmas outfit for Andrew.

Woody 1

I sewed up the Ethan shirt in the size 5 in the longest length.  The pattern has a lot of options for different lengths within each size, which is really nice.  I really enjoyed sewing this, too.  I thought the directions were really thorough.  I hadn’t done a sleeve placket like this before and I had no problem following along with the instructions.  The collar stand was done in the same manner as the tutorial from Four Square Walls that I used when I made my Alder Shirtdress.  The only difference was that in the Ethan shirt directions the last piece that gets sewn on is the outer piece.  I felt like I had an easier time making the collar stand look nice when the last piece to be sewn on was the inner piece.  Next time I make this shirt I will switch that around and see if the collar stand comes out better.

Woody 4Ethan Shirt

Luke had to be bribed with a sucker to put on his outfit so I could take photos.  But once I pinned on the Sheriff badge he got really excited about the whole costume and left it on for quite a while.  I think we are going to try to find a holster for him to complete the outfit.  I am so happy with how it all turned out and can’t wait for him to get to wear it on Halloween!


15 thoughts on “Sheriff Woody Costume // Kids Clothes Week

  1. Love this!! Do you have any details on the hat? I’d love to do something like this for my son this year.


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