Blank Slate Patterns Juniper Jersey


Oh my goodness, this is one of those projects that I almost gave up on halfway through.  I found this pattern through Indiesew and I actually sewed the navy and purple sample that is on the website.  This is a different style t-shirt than what I usually sew.  The yoke is one piece that comes front to back and forms the overlapped v-neckline.  I don’t have any v-neck t-shirts in my handmade wardrobe.  After I finished the sample for Indiesew I decided I wanted to make one for myself.

I ordered some of the striped Riley Blake fabric and set to work as soon as it got to me. The sample I made for Indiesew was a size XS so I couldn’t use it to try for fit.  For myself I cut a medium through the bust and graded out to an XL because at this point I knew I was pregnant and wanted to leave myself as much room as possible. I also added an inch to the length. I sewed everything but the hems and tried it on only to find that I had a lot of extra fabric bunching up in the underarm area.  I posted a picture on Instagram and got some really good feedback about trying a sloping shoulder adjustment.


I found a tutorial for a sloping shoulder adjustment but  I was a little baffled about how to make the changes to this pattern since there isn’t a shoulder seam.  Instead of angling the shoulder seam down I ended up angling the bottom of the yoke upwards.  I removed about an inch from the outer yoke edges on both the front and back and then lowered the curve of the armhole by the same amount.  I also narrowed the yoke a bit because it seemed too wide.  I had to unpick everything, serging and all to make the changes to the actual fabric.  And then I had to go to Joann buy more of the interlock that I used for the yoke but was able to salvage the striped fabric.  When I recut I did lose the extra inch of length, but that was better than having to start from scratch.

Juniper Jersey cropped

So all in all, this shirt that I thought would be made in one nap time ended up taking a few weeks to get finished.  I needed to take a little time away from it before I had my husband take these photos and I’m glad I did.  I really like how the shirt fits and I think it will look great with my gray Hudson pants. (I promise it’s not all crazy on my right side.  I think it got stuck to my corduroy pants and just wasn’t laying right for the pictures.)  I don’t know that I’ll get too much wear out of it in my current state– my belly is causing the front to be a little too short and I run the risk of showing off the band on the top of my maternity pants.  I think it will go into heavier rotation next spring.  Sometimes getting garments tailored to fit my specific body can be a huge pain but it’s really a good feeling when I end up with the fit I want.  And now if I make this shirt again I am confident that I will be able to get it done in one nap time!

Mama and Luke

I had to share this last photo with my little photo-bomber Luke.  He wanted to get in the action and I just love how he’s posed.  He’s obviously seen a few too many blog photo shoots because right away he put his hand on his hip and gave that goofy fake smile.




13 thoughts on “Blank Slate Patterns Juniper Jersey

  1. Haha, that last photo is adorable! 🙂 Isn’t it funny how a simple t-shirt can sometimes take forever to sew? I agree with you that it’s worth it to take the extra time to make fitting adjustments, and I’m glad this top worked out in the end. I love the bright colors!


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