Shwin Designs Carol Tee

Carol 2

This week I started working on a Juniper Jersey. I sewed the sample that is on the Indiesew website and decided I wanted one for myself. I got it almost finished and discovered some weird fitting issues that I haven’t been able to solve. I am going to give it one more shot but that will require more fabric and lots of unpicking.

Carol 3

I really wanted to sew something successful this week so I decided to work on my first Carol Tee. I got this pattern over the weekend when Shwin Designs offered it and the Beautiful Dreamer cardigan as a bundle for $12.

Carol 1

I really loved the cardigan and initially discounted the tee. I thought it was cute but it looked very much like a sleeveless Hemlock tee. But since it was two for one I decided I’d give it a go.

Carol back 1

The tee is a little unusual since there are accents of woven fabrics. I used a solid black Laguna Jersey for the body and some scraps of black and white bird fabric left over from this dress.  I had to piece the back yoke but it gave me a chance to try out one of the fun stitches from my new serger/coverstitch machine. I used that on the back yoke and used a coverhem stitch on the front neckline and hem.

Coverstitch detail

Once I tried it on I was in love! The shirt flares out a bit at the bottom because I graded from a medium on the top to an extra-large at the hips. I love how that looks. I also think the back yoke detail is fantastic. It adds a little excitement to an otherwise basic black top.

Carol back 2

I hope that when I get to make the Beautiful Dreamer cardigan I like it as much as this tee!



8 thoughts on “Shwin Designs Carol Tee

  1. Oops, sorry about that random comment! I meant to say I like the woven accent. I think it adds so much to a regular knit tee. Wondering if it’s hard sewing a woven and knit together? Never tried it before.


    1. Actually, it wasn’t too hard at all. I wasn’t sure which needle to use, though. I ended up using my regular needles when I was sewing the woven and the jersey needles the rest of the time.


  2. Love this!! How funny, I’m using a very similar (or maybe it’s the same?) bird fabric on the back yoke of my latest Archer, to get the same effect you have in this top. Great minds think alike, I suppose. 🙂 The pop of white birds is really lovely and a nice surprise on the back of the top.


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