True Bias Hudson Pant


Well, this is pretty much my perfect outfit.  These pants are so comfortable and I really haven’t wanted to take them off since I made them.  They are a perfect mate for my pointelle Day Tripper top (blogged here.)  I bought the pattern for the Hudson Pant the week that it was released and I was so excited to make them.  Unfortunately, it took me until about two weeks ago to get around to ordering fabric for them.


I have seen a lot of really great versions of these pants with contrasting pocket details and waistbands.  I toyed around with using a contrasting fabric but what my wardrobe was really missing was a basic pair of gray knit pants.  I used this cotton spandex fabric from Girl Charlee.  It’s the same fabric I used for my gray Out and About dress and it’s held up pretty well through frequent washings and wearings.

I made a size 14 graded to a 16 in the hips.  I am happy with the fit but I sort of wish I would have shortened them by a little bit– maybe an inch or so.  My instinct is to hike them up a little bit to more of a cropped length, but in the winter I’m sure I will be glad to have left them full length.

The instructions in the pattern are really thorough.  The pants came together really quickly.  Well, up until the point when I sewed the waistband on so the buttonholes for the drawstring ended up facing inside the pants.  At least I realized that halfway through sewing on the waistband instead of after it was complete.  Unpicking knits is always a little scary for me because it seems really easy to rip holes in the fabric.  This went fine and I got the waistband attached correctly the second time.

I really like how the pattern calls for top stitching over the elastic waistband to make a channel for the drawstring.  I feel like it adds a really cool professional touch to an otherwise basic elastic casing.

I can’t wait to make another pair of these pants.  I am going to be on the hunt for some navy fleece or french terry for winter wear.



9 thoughts on “True Bias Hudson Pant

  1. I love these! I would have such a hard time ever taking them off, I think! I have been eyeing this pattern as well (perfect pj and workout pants!) but have so many other patterns I’ve bought and not sewn yet. Perhaps this winter, when I’m living in my sweats in my chilly house.


    1. Thanks, Heather! I can’t remember a time I’ve made something where I haven’t ended up spending time with the seam ripper. Maybe one day I’ll get something made without a hitch!


  2. These look great! I just finished taping this pattern together 🙂 and have similar fabric from Girl Charlee, glad to see it works so well.


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