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Fanfare 2014 Flannel Parsley Pants

I was beyond excited when I was asked to take part in Fanfare 2014 Blog Hop.  I am a huge fan of Made by Rae and her patterns–especially the Washi dress, which I’ve made more than any other pattern!  I hadn’t had the chance to work with her fabrics yet but I’ve admired both of her collections for Cloud 9 Fabrics– Fanfare and Lotus Pond.

Rae and Cloud 9 have updated the Fanfare flannels for 2014 into new colors and new coordinating solids.  I love the animal prints and was happy to see some colors that would appeal to my boys.  I knew right away that these flannel fabrics would make great pajama pants for them.  I decided to use Rae’s Parsley Pants pattern to make it a whole Made by Rae experience!  I had to print out new sizes for the guys– they’ve both grown so much since their last pairs of Parsley pants.  I used a size 5 for my older son, Luke, and a size 3 for my younger son, Andrew.  They are a little loose and long so they won’t outgrow them too fast.

Luke has carried around a stuffed elephant since he was a baby so I chose the Elephants in Turquoise for his pants, with some gray solid for the accents.  I picked Foxes in Blue for Andrew with Confetti in Blue for the accents.  The colors are so vibrant– especially the turquoise.  My photos don’t really do them justice.  The organic cotton fabric is so incredibly soft and it’s really nice and thick.  I am really impressed with the quality of the fabric, especially that it stayed just as nice and soft after pre-washing.  This flannel will be perfect for our brutal midwest winters.  Honestly, after I got the fabric I was really wishing that I’d chosen to make myself some jammie pants!  I am dreaming of snuggling up in some pink elephant flannel pants this winter!

I love how the pants turned out.  I impressed myself and got the patterns matched up in the center front seam!

I knew I had to add pockets because both boys love to carry things around in their pockets.  Andrew decided he couldn’t be without his tape measure when I tried to get photos of him– it was a little big to fit in the pockets, but Luke has been carrying around tools from his tool set in his pockets.  The knee pads add a fun touch and will help prolong the life of the pants.  The guys wouldn’t take the pants off after I took these photos and ended up wearing them over to the park to play.  It makes me so happy when I get such a good response from something I’ve made for them.

Luke seems to have hit an age where taking a picture of him can be a pleasant experience– I’m still waiting for that day to come with Andrew.

Congratulations, Rae on another fantastic fabric collection!  Thanks to Cloud 9 and Made by Rae for letting me be a part of the blog hop!


7 thoughts on “Fanfare 2014 Flannel Parsley Pants

  1. Teri, that print matching!!! Hope your boys noticed. 🙂 These pants are adorable and look great on them. I love that they wore them to the park! I’ve seen (aka fondled) these flannels in person and can attest to their great quality.


    1. Haha, if only they would notice print matching. They both actually like to help me sew, but it’s mostly just that they like to press buttons on the sewing machine and spin the dials on my serger. I always have to double check the tension on the serger before I start using it!


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